It’s lunch time :)

Have you enjoyed your lunch at school?
I really liked to school and my purpose to go to school was eating lunch.
Here is an article about lunch.

When I was in kindergarten and elementary school, junior high, my lunch was provided from a lunch center which was managed in my hometown.
There ware nutritionist and they calculated calories for every lunch menu. The menus and tastes were changed by nutritionists.
Each school has an one nutritionists who is in charge of.
There was a good point they had a lunch with us and asked us questions about a menu and also communicated with us. It was functional program, huh?
I still remember an awesome nutritionist at junior high. She joined our athletic meet as well.
All lunch provided by them were very delicious and considered well-balanced.
I really agree with the program by Sweetgreen. Kids should know the importance of eating and how it affect their body and they also teach their future kids and be healthy!!


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