Respect each other

Since the 9.11, the world has changed a lot. A lot of terrorism happened and people were captured by terrorists.
It’s scary. I never understood the feeling how scare it was until Two Japanese were killed.

By the a lots of terrorisms, it’s true that some Muslim people are facing discrimination and it might occur difficulty to live. All of them aren’t related to any of terrors. Please check this following URL and see the video.

America is the most powerful country in the world and I believe there’s freedom as well more than Japanese have.
Being American or other countries expect single race countries understand they consist of various races. U.S. Army had his strong faith that why he became US solder for his country and he seemed to have an experience fighting in the Middle East. His priceless opinion might came from his experience and other people also stand up for the Muslim worker.
When I was in Canada, I stayed with a family who were Muslim. I remember that the father prayed at same time everyday. But they understood my culture too, so through the experience, I learned that respecting religion and we are just believing different God.
My life in Canada was awesome because we met them 🙂


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