Sarcastic person?

I wrote here about my mother in law.
I’ve lived with her for four months now and again I found her strange action.

The other day, we cooked steamed egg hotchpotch together. Three of them are steamed in a pot. That was normal.
10 minutes later, we went check them and she took one and asked me if it is ok. I didn’t think it was steamed enough so I said “No”.
And I thought she put it back to the pot but she didn’t.
She microwaved it and it was totally exploded inside and she gave me.
Other two were kept steamed in the pot😟How could she do that?
I didn’t ask her to microwave it but she did. Was it sabotaged by her on purpose ? Eventually my husband’s, my brother in law’s and her steamed egg hotchpotch became beautifully steamed🌹
I am very sad if she’s sarcastic. How do you think? I don’t think we should live together….😥


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