It might come from twisted pelvis!

I’ve been stressed out because of migraine,  stiff right shoulder, right neck and right should blade pain. It’s all right side in my body. I couldn’t focus on my work and things to do.  So, I expected something wrong in my body and finally it ring a bell.

I went see an osteopathist and asked about my bone places .  He knew what I meant. He checked my pelvis and told me that “your body swisted to the left and your right pelvis is down from the right place. ” I have a bad habit that I look to the left. I have a mole at side of my nostril. When I was a kid, I hated it and I tried to hide it by leaning my face to the left and that’s it. My pelvis place is changed and now I got in trouble. But I am very happy that I found a way to fix it. Fixing the pelvi’s place or bone place wasn’t hurt. I need to visit at least 7 times but it really worth it for me. I just want to get free from this evil!!!


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