Lunch seeing Sakura 

April is starting tomorrow and new fiscal year is gonna start and students is gonna back to school and recruits is gonna start work 😉 April is important. 

In March, there’re lots of goodbyes and cry sometimes but seeing beautiful Sakura make me forget those things. And I need to get out of my office with a bunch of PC during lunch time refreshing. 



🌸 Spring has come 🌸

Cherry blossom season in Japan now 🙂 But it’s rainy day and the rain is gonna scatter flower petal. 

I am in charge of preparing dinner only weekend. Here’s my manu 🙂

Fried spring roll

It was easy to cook fried spring roll. I fried 20 spring rolls and my family seemed liked it. I got burned a little when I was fried them 😣 But it got better now😜 I also made avocado shrimp salad and Spanish omlet and veggies soup ! I think I got tired by cooking …on Saturday evnning. 

Boiled pork with egg and potato salad

Sunday’s dinner…I cooked boiled pork and egg by pressure pan  as main menu 🙂 WOW!! It cooked briefly and the pork was  so juicy and soft. There are lots of boiled cooking in Japanese cooking and I am in trouble to cook them, like they have a little taste. This tool will help me a lot 👍 I also prepared miso soup. 

My cooking is gonna be changed by using smart cooking tool. I want to make my family happy with delicious food and be healthy 💓 I believe that Japanese food is the best in the world. It’s not because it was selected as intangible cultural heritage but it’s healthy+low calorie+delicious 🍱 We also dwell on how to decorate food. Hope you enjoy Japanese cuisine somewhere in the world🌏

Cutest models:)


These kids are models of Burberry. I saw this ads in Osaka, Japan too on my way to my dentist and she was too cute and went gaga ove the girl. 

Today, I found the following article. There’re people who is fall in love with her in the world 😄.

Pizza night ; )

Here’s dinner yesterday. Pizza🍕, corn and onion soup, and salad. 

It didn’t look like authentic and bacon,potatoes,mash room on the dough. But it was so delicious. 

My husband and I made 6 pizzas and backed 3 of them in my oven and the rest of them backed by my toaster oven. The toaster oven is much better! It toasted with a little brown and crunchy texture. And the oven didn’t baked well. I think time and temperature weren’t matters. My steam oven has factions that grill and bake with healthy way. It can make deep fried chicken without oil. How? Technology is over my head and way beyond my knowledge what they can do. Anyway, my conclusion is toaster over is good to bake pizza in my house  👍 My oven will work so hard next time 😋

Thank you Twitter. 

On March 11, the forth anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake. 

Tsunami(Photo credit isn’t mine. )

Again, I’m deeply sorry for a lot of people who suffered by this earthquake and I’m sure that 

Twitter is SNS which everyone knows. Here’s a wonderful story. The day, servers of SNS and email were down but Twitter was as usual. You know why? Because one of engineers at Twitter in USA thought that Japan needed a huge server to communicate without server down to prevend secondly disaster and the engineer decided to add triple servers to Japan as usual. What a wise decision👍 We could use Twitter as normal. This engineer decide this by himself/herself. This wise decision saved a lot of people. Many countries donated food and money but てthis unknown engneer helped Japan.

Thank you 💝

What do you do?

When meeting someone new, I’m the only one who ask people “what do you do?”. I believe that question can break awkwardness and try to create some new topics from there.
However, it’s true that after knowing the answer,I think I judge people a little even though their job is none of my business.

I realize I shouldn’t judge people from thier job because I don’t know how thier life went and go now. My father-in-law passed away right after my husband passed an entrance exam to university and  he gave it up for his family due to money problem. He didn’t complain about it but it completely changed his life. When I was a contract worker, it was so hard for me to tell people because I didn’t want people to think that I had an unstable job. But now I know what’s a stable job?  I’m have a job which is a permanent and it took me for 3 years to be become a regular employee. I failed the exam twice and the exam was once an year. I was obsessed to become it but now, I don’t know. It doesn’t make me happy. It’s too busy to relax at home.  Job status can’t be  judged people because there are more important to know. Each person has their own value. It totally fine to be yourself 🙂

Japanese sake day :)

It’s around time to open new sake of this year 💜

Today, My friends and I went to Fushimi, Kyoto to tast a first Japanese sake of this year 🙂 The area is very famous of Japanese sake and there’re a lot of Sake brands and storehouses🏠. 

First of all, we went testing place for free. We tried more than ten sakes 🍶. Each little tasting made us tipsy and we went crazy😋

This is Sake storehouse street.

As you know, Kyoto is histrical city. So house looks classic and I love it !!!

We went museum Gekkeikan museum  as well. Geekkeikan is the one of famous sake brand in Japan. 

Sake made of rice.

Sake vessel.

Happi coat which worker wears in Sake industry.

Sake barrel.

Travellers visit Kyoto from all over the world and  most of them are interested in Kyoto and there’s Sake tour in English. If you are interested in it, let’s give a shot. 

After that, we went for a dinner at an Japanese restaurant where cook for dinner matching with Sake. 

Handmade tofu. It tasted great eating with salt.

The Light covered by Japanese papers and looks pretty warm.

Parfeit with sake chocolate syrup.

Such a fun day even though it was rainy ☔️.  

My hometown has also famous sake too. It’s 獺祭(Dassai). Now it’s too popular to get it in Japan, which means a lot of them are exported to overseas. One of my colleague living in Mexico bought it Las Angels, USA. 

Please check 獺祭(Dassai) 😘