Japanese sake day :)

It’s around time to open new sake of this year 💜

Today, My friends and I went to Fushimi, Kyoto to tast a first Japanese sake of this year 🙂 The area is very famous of Japanese sake and there’re a lot of Sake brands and storehouses🏠. 

First of all, we went testing place for free. We tried more than ten sakes 🍶. Each little tasting made us tipsy and we went crazy😋

This is Sake storehouse street.

As you know, Kyoto is histrical city. So house looks classic and I love it !!!

We went museum Gekkeikan museum  as well. Geekkeikan is the one of famous sake brand in Japan. 

Sake made of rice.

Sake vessel.

Happi coat which worker wears in Sake industry.

Sake barrel.

Travellers visit Kyoto from all over the world and  most of them are interested in Kyoto and there’s Sake tour in English. If you are interested in it, let’s give a shot. 

After that, we went for a dinner at an Japanese restaurant where cook for dinner matching with Sake. 

Handmade tofu. It tasted great eating with salt.

The Light covered by Japanese papers and looks pretty warm.

Parfeit with sake chocolate syrup.

Such a fun day even though it was rainy ☔️.  

My hometown has also famous sake too. It’s 獺祭(Dassai). Now it’s too popular to get it in Japan, which means a lot of them are exported to overseas. One of my colleague living in Mexico bought it Las Angels, USA. 

Please check 獺祭(Dassai) 😘


13 thoughts on “Japanese sake day :)

  1. Hi ! Thank you for stopping by my blog !
    I’m so glad that you like Japanese sake! The day was a ball !!
    First of all, I want you to teach me the meaning of “Have you been apart of Kagami Biraki/Kagami Michi? ”
    I want to answer your question appropriately so please teach me English!!!

    Well, I’ve heard of Otokotama from Hokkaido but I’ve never tried it! I should try it as hot sake(Atsukan in Japanese) and make sure not to get drunk so badly!!

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    • Well I just learned about Kagami biraki as a Shinto ceremony which I believe means “opening of the mirror” which refers to kagami mochi which means “breaking open the rice cake”… At the end of the ceremony they would smash open a wooden casket of sake with a mallet (which I believe is what happens many times at weddings and business openings).. I believe at that point it’s iwai-zake (celebration sake). I’ve been a fan of sake for quite some time, but until recently besides knowing about the differences of tokutei meisho vs futsu-shu sake, I was unaware of how many different types of sake there are.


      • Kagami-biraki is the traditional event. We displayed Mochi called ”Kagami-mochi'” for Buddha (at family alter) and after that we eat it and have a gratitude for our state of perfect health.
        In my hometown, I do Kagami-biraki at New Year.
        Basically we have to eat every FOOD at family alter.

        There are many sakes! I’m not so sake freak but I like to enjoy it with my family and my friends.


      • That sounds like a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to the many different celebration festivals and events when I come to live in Japan next year. I’ll be living in Fukuoka to study Japanese for 2 years. Actually just purchased some Tokubetsu Junmai sake the other day… I believe it was called Drunk Whale, suigei I believe. It was very oishii 🙂 Thanks for explaining the kagami-biraki and what the mochi is used for. Very omoshiroi ^_^


      • Hi Maya, I think I just might, I’ll have to talk to you further about that as time goes on. I’ll be in Japan for at least 2 years. Actually looking to be able to work in Japan as well, so hopefully I’ll be around a bit longer then 2 years 🙂


      • Please let me know when you have a problem or a question.
        I had an experience living in Canada as working holiday. I got part time job over there and I aimed at a stable job but I failed.
        But still, it was a great experience and the best 1 year for me.
        Living oversea try worth it.

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  2. Maya, I appreciate you very much offering your help! Thank you. I feel much better knowing there are so many people willing to help if I get stuck with something while in Japan. Yamaguchi is not far at all too from Fukuoka, so perhaps at some point I’ll come up to try the good food 🙂 Where in Canada did you visit and where did you try working?


    • I was in Toronto and worked at a coffee shop. I tried working in the logistic field but it was difficult because of my Visa and my ability.
      I want to try it again !


      • Interesting, well if you ever feel like coming to Colorado, I’ll be able to get you a job. I’m not sure how the Visa would go if you were interested in working in the medical marijuana field 😀 but there is a lot of openings for anything and everything you can think of. Are you married? If you went to go back would your husband go with you?


      • Yes, I’m married and I’m pregnant now! So, I can’t think of moving to a foreign county right now.
        Are you working for medical marijuana field ? Interesting. I believe That medical marijuana hasn’t approved to use in Japan yet and using drug is a huge problem in Japan.
        You are from America! I envy you ! I definitely ask you to offer me a job if I go to the States. Visa problem… It depends on who gonna be a president. Donald Trump would’t give me Visa…

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  3. Congratulations on your baby on the way! I technically work in the field yes. I also work in the hemp industry here in Colorado. It’s not my main staple or career. I’m more so an internet marketer then anything. And yes, I’m very aware that taima is very illegal in Japan. Sad though, after WWII it was our influence that pushed the laws to create it like it is today. But it wasn’t until the Vietnam war that Japan actually started cracking down on taima/MJ. They used it to be able to shut people up they didn’t want protesting against the war, and pretty much ever since then, it’s been a big no-no. But again, it’s sad because Japans culture was formed by hemp and marijuana and it was a major apart of society. It’s interesting to think that someone smoking marijuana before the 1960s was looked at as, kind of whatever. Of course before the war, it was had a common place. I’d like to see them at least planting wild hemp all over Fukushima, hemp can draw up radiation, which would be helpful. But there is a loophole of sorts with Hemp/MJ and that’s through an oil that’s extracted from Hemp called CBD, I’m glad to see that Japan is able to use CBD as it, along with Tumeric extract can dissolve any cancer with a little bit of fasting, clean water and time.

    But when it comes to America, I’d say there are parts of America that are fantastic, but there are some very dangerous parts of America politically and in the health care and food area that I’d say you’d be best to stay away from, especially with a new born or even a young child. But the freedom that we enjoy ais nice and I do appreciate it. Although it’s interesting to state that there are parts of Japan I envy over, America can be very disconnected most of the time, and for me I don’t like that, I also don’t like how American schools are now teaching what they call ‘common core’ (which is basically a form of education that was never approved by the government and it’s making it hard for kids to read and do math). I’d like to have children in Japan and have them go through school there instead of here because of that.

    Well, there’s a lot of this verse that, that I could continue on with. I’d just say make sure you do your research if you come over to America, and no matter whose the president there’s always ways around their craziness by jumping through loopholes which will always be there. Right now we Americans have been dealt a pretty bad hand again for the pick of presidents. Hillary is and has been a very psychotic person since she was first elected as a senator, shes gotten a lot of our military killed for no reason and she launders money through her and her husbands ‘non-profit’ the Clinton Foundation which resides in Canada of all places.

    The only person I’d want to give my vote to this time around is guy named Rand Paul, his father Ron Paul ran the last two times, but he’s chances of getting the nomination are slim to none… Well, I could go on and on about politics and honestly it’s just another reason that I want to come to Japan. I’d like to disconnect a bit from politics concerning America (which I know is hard to avoid no matter where I’m at) and I’d like to not have to drive a car for awhile… I’m sure for some that might seem odd, but I’m actually looking forward to trains and walking, the responsibility to be a caution driver here is a bit overwhelming for me, being that a lot of people totally turn off while driving here or they are texting and crashing into everything.

    Anyway… I’ll stop talking your ear off now! All the best!!



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