Pizza night ; )

Here’s dinner yesterday. Pizza🍕, corn and onion soup, and salad. 

It didn’t look like authentic and bacon,potatoes,mash room on the dough. But it was so delicious. 

My husband and I made 6 pizzas and backed 3 of them in my oven and the rest of them backed by my toaster oven. The toaster oven is much better! It toasted with a little brown and crunchy texture. And the oven didn’t baked well. I think time and temperature weren’t matters. My steam oven has factions that grill and bake with healthy way. It can make deep fried chicken without oil. How? Technology is over my head and way beyond my knowledge what they can do. Anyway, my conclusion is toaster over is good to bake pizza in my house  👍 My oven will work so hard next time 😋


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