🌸 Spring has come 🌸

Cherry blossom season in Japan now 🙂 But it’s rainy day and the rain is gonna scatter flower petal. 

I am in charge of preparing dinner only weekend. Here’s my manu 🙂

Fried spring roll

It was easy to cook fried spring roll. I fried 20 spring rolls and my family seemed liked it. I got burned a little when I was fried them 😣 But it got better now😜 I also made avocado shrimp salad and Spanish omlet and veggies soup ! I think I got tired by cooking …on Saturday evnning. 

Boiled pork with egg and potato salad

Sunday’s dinner…I cooked boiled pork and egg by pressure pan  as main menu 🙂 WOW!! It cooked briefly and the pork was  so juicy and soft. There are lots of boiled cooking in Japanese cooking and I am in trouble to cook them, like they have a little taste. This tool will help me a lot 👍 I also prepared miso soup. 

My cooking is gonna be changed by using smart cooking tool. I want to make my family happy with delicious food and be healthy 💓 I believe that Japanese food is the best in the world. It’s not because it was selected as intangible cultural heritage but it’s healthy+low calorie+delicious 🍱 We also dwell on how to decorate food. Hope you enjoy Japanese cuisine somewhere in the world🌏


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