As you know , there was a big earthquake in Nepal and  5,000 people are now known to have died. Famous mountain, Mt.Everest base camp was hit by an avalanche by triggered by the quake. I am very sorry for the catastrophe for all people in Napal and send my condolences to them. 

Yesterday , I got a call from my customer who is pharmaceutical company. They asked us to send supplies to Napal and find a route to get there.  As an air export shipment coordinator, I understand the how many flights to destination  and  how many routes there are and rules to inport at destination.  But unfortunately the airport is closed and military air plane is the top priority and civilian air plain can’t land on the ground at this moment. It’s so sad that there’s someone to help them and there’s no way to get there. Now Napal government announced that they have adequate rescue teams and decided to close salvages from foreign countries. Many salvages are still staying in the city and can’t go to the quake hit area due to congestion. I really hope rescue teams aid a lot of people and keep stay them safe. 


Time flies so fast

Today, my mother’s second death anniversary ceremony was held. It’s been two year and it’s long way to get over it. I looked around my parents house after the ceremony and found arts my mother made. She loved fancywork. She was very cleaver with her hands and I also loved to see her works.  


In the ceremony, our monk chanted the sutra and gave us his little speech. Recently, his father passed away and it changed him completely. Everyday he stayed with his father and now he realized that his daily life didn’t take grunted and he took care of his father for 5 years and when his father passed away, the 5 years with him was like blink of an eye. That’s what I felt when my mother passed away. She was diagnosed  with Chronic Idiopathic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction:CIIP, which is incurable disease today. She was a  brave fighter and I am so proud of her and I am very happy to being her daughter. I wish I could tell her about it but it’s too later to tell her. I felt that  the period of her battling illiness was very short but actually it was more than 10 years. Again, it’s so hard to go through losing my dearest mother. Her friends and relatives  honer her memory. She must be happy now. 

Give a shot

Yesterday I poped up an idea which is I  am going to take Eiken test  Grade pre-1 this coming June.

I was wondering how to improve my English and I realized  that I don’t want be a mediocre English user  and I want to be confident on English so I need to have a goal to achieve it. My vocabulary isn’t good enough and have to memorize a lot of words but anyway I try to do it. 

This notify makes me under pressure but I need a little one 😉

🍥Okoniniyaki 🍥

 Have you ever heard of Okonomiyaki?

See the following family dinner yesterday 🙂 All of us so this over and over during dinner. 

Noodle on it !! lots of carbohydrate 😋




Mayo, okonomoyaki sauce and dried vonito on the top 😉


Blogging now. 

Guess where I am now? I am in hair salon and today’s menu is cut and hair dyeing. It’s spring so I wanna change my hair style. Hair length won’t be changed. So now, my hair is getting dyed now and I am bored so writing my blog like this.  Thanks app📱

I am gonna introduce my yesterday’s dinner.  

Upper left :Spaghetti salad,Upper right:Simmered red bream, Bottom left : chinese soup: Bottom right: Steamed egg hotchpotch


Which one are you fascinating? Here is the recepes for two of them. 

Spaghetti salad


  • Spaghetti    100g
  • Sliced Ham   as you like
  • Cucumber    as you like 
  • Corn   as you like
  • Lettus   as you like

     Ingredients for dressing. 

  • Mayo 80g
  • Japanese rice vinegar  3g   
  • Olive oil 3g
  • Paper   All you like
  • Salt   All you like

So at first you need to boil spaghetti and salt cucumber till spaghetti is done. And then, mix all ingredients and the dressing. 

Simmered Red Sea breams


  • Red Sea bream   2 slices 
  • Long green onion   2 pieces 
  • Ginger 1 piece 

     Ingredients for simmering water. 

  • Japanese cooking sake 80ml
  • Water 200ml
  • Sweet cooking rice wine 40ml
  • Sugar 23ml
  • Soy source 45ml
  1. You need to cut the red sea bream’skin like  “X” to give a flavor. 
  2. Dip the red sea bream to crean. 
  3. Put all ingredients in a pan and cook them over a high heat for  5mins and turn to a midium heat for 15 mins. Please don’t forget a lid resting directory on the ingredients during cooking. 

My husband liked the spaghetti salad 🍴 I am so glad because I always want my husband to be satisfied with my cooking. 

spring flower Tulip

 On way back to home from hair salon, I found tulips 🌷 it’s so pretty💗

How wonderful it was :)

Yesterday I went out for dinner with my colleagues at Japanese bar. My two colleagues and I work together as same team. We are team FEMALE. One is sale person who is also an assistant director and another is an office clerk with me. It’s April and job transfer season and we’re gonna be broken up. It’s a shame. And we had “work-together-again dinner” 🙂 I’ve learned a lot from them and it was perfect teamwork✈️. 

Let me introduce what I had at the bar. 

Sashimi : Tuna,Sea urchin, Bonito,Alfonsino,Firefry squid,yellowtail.

I forgot the name of two of them. Firefry squid was the best for me. It was very fresh fishes with a lot of fat. 

Common oritnt clam with soup

This clam was actually very big. The soup was based on Japanese cooking sake. The green one is field mustard which is seasonable vegitable here. 

Korean pancake with kimch

Look at the thick pancake. I’ve never seen it like this even in Korea. Inside is veggies, pork and rice cake so it tastes elastic. 

We talked about our honest feeling at work. Our sales person asked us what we think about office and colleagues as the assistant director.Everyday we are busy and we don’t  often have  time to talk with other colleagues. Everyone has stresses and feel pressure and we don’t know how they are thinking about their situation and work environment. Organizing people is very difficult and there’re always conflict a bit between some people. Our assistant director seems worry about how she will takes care of matters. She also told us that it’s very hard to promote in this field which is logistics. We are in air export department. Company asks us to pick up cargo, book flight, make export custom clearance and load up cargo onto airplain. It depends on trading term but once arrive in destination, our oversea branchs take care of import clearance and delivery. Still, lots of bosses are men and as her observation, men has pride which is whatever level. Importance for them is how much big business is and content isn’t important for tham. It’s interesting to see the difference between women and men. 

Anyway, we had a great conversation and fabluous dinner 😄 I will bring my husband too. 

Dinner tonight 🍴

Left :Plate noodle with various topping, Right:Miso soup,Back:Sprout & garland chrysanthemum dressed in grind sesame & rice vinegar sauce.

Plate noodle with various topping is basically  native to Nagasaki prefecture. This time I made was consisting of a base of noodles, and a topping of fried cabbage, sea food such squid, octopus , sprouts, pork.   The noodle is thinner crispy noodles fried in oil.  It was so yummy and of you like seafood and put a lots , it’s gonna be fruits of sea. This soup suits seafood very well. 

The noodle is ready-made. 

Step 1: Fry veggies and sea food 

Step 2:Add following ingredients for soup except starch and fry again. 

Chechen bone soup powder:15g

Soy sauce: table spoon 1 & 1/2

Cooking sake: table spoon 2

Water: 500cc

Starch: a little (To be thick)

Step 3:mixed starch & water and cover veggies and seafood with and mix it little. 

garland chrysanthemum dressed in  grind sesame & rice vinegar sauce is very simple and healthy. This is 40kcal. 


Sprout :200g

Garland chrysanthemum:200g

Grind sesame:tablespoon 1

Sugar:tablespoon 1/2

Soy sauce :tablespoon 1

Rice vinegar: tablespoon 1

Step 1:boile sprout and garland chrysanthemum. 

Step 2:mix grind sesame,sugar,soy sauce and rice vinegar to make dressing. 

Step 3: dress everything in the dressing. Before dress, better to cut the veggies.    

If you have any questions, please let me know 😃