Come and go 

On Feiday I met my male friend who visited Japan with his cousin all the way  from Canada. It’s been 7 years since I left Canada but we have met twice in Japan and this was third time. He must love all about Japan. How we met is I was in relationship with his friend in Canada and he was the first my ex’s friend I was introduced. We both are very young. My ex and I ended up breaking up but he’s been one of good friends.  I invited him to my wedding and before my wedding my husband met him too. Seems they hit it off 😊 One more thing to keep our friendship, he speaks Japanese very well.  So we communicate both in English and Japanese and now he has Japanese girlfriend and their relationship isn’t easy becuase it’s long distance love. They met in Toronto and she has to back home. They’ve been in long distance live between Canada to Japan for an year. This time I met her as well. She is a young pretty woman. I was very happy to meet her and his cousin too. 

This time , my ex-collegue joined us because she’s going to Tronto this coming August, so I wanted her to get along with them. It’s good to have someone reliable in overseas. 

We ordered typical Japanese food in Izakaya. They seemed to like them very much. They joined a travel tour which my friend won the Mandarin restaurant’s passport to Japan contest. He just wrote his name in the raffle. It was the trip for two so his cousin came over with  him. His cousin is 18 and a freshman in university. Young but he’s dependable 🙂  It was interesting to listen to his university life. It was funny to see he was dominated by her. We all talked about the best place in Japan and Canada and culture. 

It’s so interesting  because we didn’t think we became good friends. Life is the party. And this time he gave me an opportunity to meet new people. I appreciate him to being my friend 🙂 I really hope we will meet soon. 

Another story about my friend. My bestie is leaving Osaka due to her husband’s job transfer. We come to Osaka after graduating from high school so her moving isn’t just good bye for me. This Saturday, I met her and had a farewell dinner. 

Locomoco plate


Cake & Coffee


She’s pregnant now so we started to talk about her baby. The baby is doing great but she was mentally exhausted. We went through a lot of things together so I’m going to miss her so much. There’s Skype and SNS so we’ll contact easily and know situations. It must be lucky 😘 I believe that she’s going to get over her life transition with her husband and the new born baby.  Wherever she lives, she’s always my bestie ❤️


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