Dinner tonight 🍴

Left :Plate noodle with various topping, Right:Miso soup,Back:Sprout & garland chrysanthemum dressed in grind sesame & rice vinegar sauce.

Plate noodle with various topping is basically  native to Nagasaki prefecture. This time I made was consisting of a base of noodles, and a topping of fried cabbage, sea food such squid, octopus , sprouts, pork.   The noodle is thinner crispy noodles fried in oil.  It was so yummy and of you like seafood and put a lots , it’s gonna be fruits of sea. This soup suits seafood very well. 

The noodle is ready-made. 

Step 1: Fry veggies and sea food 

Step 2:Add following ingredients for soup except starch and fry again. 

Chechen bone soup powder:15g

Soy sauce: table spoon 1 & 1/2

Cooking sake: table spoon 2

Water: 500cc

Starch: a little (To be thick)

Step 3:mixed starch & water and cover veggies and seafood with and mix it little. 

garland chrysanthemum dressed in  grind sesame & rice vinegar sauce is very simple and healthy. This is 40kcal. 


Sprout :200g

Garland chrysanthemum:200g

Grind sesame:tablespoon 1

Sugar:tablespoon 1/2

Soy sauce :tablespoon 1

Rice vinegar: tablespoon 1

Step 1:boile sprout and garland chrysanthemum. 

Step 2:mix grind sesame,sugar,soy sauce and rice vinegar to make dressing. 

Step 3: dress everything in the dressing. Before dress, better to cut the veggies.    

If you have any questions, please let me know 😃


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