How wonderful it was :)

Yesterday I went out for dinner with my colleagues at Japanese bar. My two colleagues and I work together as same team. We are team FEMALE. One is sale person who is also an assistant director and another is an office clerk with me. It’s April and job transfer season and we’re gonna be broken up. It’s a shame. And we had “work-together-again dinner” 🙂 I’ve learned a lot from them and it was perfect teamwork✈️. 

Let me introduce what I had at the bar. 

Sashimi : Tuna,Sea urchin, Bonito,Alfonsino,Firefry squid,yellowtail.

I forgot the name of two of them. Firefry squid was the best for me. It was very fresh fishes with a lot of fat. 

Common oritnt clam with soup

This clam was actually very big. The soup was based on Japanese cooking sake. The green one is field mustard which is seasonable vegitable here. 

Korean pancake with kimch

Look at the thick pancake. I’ve never seen it like this even in Korea. Inside is veggies, pork and rice cake so it tastes elastic. 

We talked about our honest feeling at work. Our sales person asked us what we think about office and colleagues as the assistant director.Everyday we are busy and we don’t  often have  time to talk with other colleagues. Everyone has stresses and feel pressure and we don’t know how they are thinking about their situation and work environment. Organizing people is very difficult and there’re always conflict a bit between some people. Our assistant director seems worry about how she will takes care of matters. She also told us that it’s very hard to promote in this field which is logistics. We are in air export department. Company asks us to pick up cargo, book flight, make export custom clearance and load up cargo onto airplain. It depends on trading term but once arrive in destination, our oversea branchs take care of import clearance and delivery. Still, lots of bosses are men and as her observation, men has pride which is whatever level. Importance for them is how much big business is and content isn’t important for tham. It’s interesting to see the difference between women and men. 

Anyway, we had a great conversation and fabluous dinner 😄 I will bring my husband too. 


One thought on “How wonderful it was :)

  1. That’s the most delicious looking seafood platter I have ever seen.

    And I agree there ate different styles between men and women!!
    Thank you so much or sharing with us!!


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