Blogging now. 

Guess where I am now? I am in hair salon and today’s menu is cut and hair dyeing. It’s spring so I wanna change my hair style. Hair length won’t be changed. So now, my hair is getting dyed now and I am bored so writing my blog like this.  Thanks app📱

I am gonna introduce my yesterday’s dinner.  

Upper left :Spaghetti salad,Upper right:Simmered red bream, Bottom left : chinese soup: Bottom right: Steamed egg hotchpotch


Which one are you fascinating? Here is the recepes for two of them. 

Spaghetti salad


  • Spaghetti    100g
  • Sliced Ham   as you like
  • Cucumber    as you like 
  • Corn   as you like
  • Lettus   as you like

     Ingredients for dressing. 

  • Mayo 80g
  • Japanese rice vinegar  3g   
  • Olive oil 3g
  • Paper   All you like
  • Salt   All you like

So at first you need to boil spaghetti and salt cucumber till spaghetti is done. And then, mix all ingredients and the dressing. 

Simmered Red Sea breams


  • Red Sea bream   2 slices 
  • Long green onion   2 pieces 
  • Ginger 1 piece 

     Ingredients for simmering water. 

  • Japanese cooking sake 80ml
  • Water 200ml
  • Sweet cooking rice wine 40ml
  • Sugar 23ml
  • Soy source 45ml
  1. You need to cut the red sea bream’skin like  “X” to give a flavor. 
  2. Dip the red sea bream to crean. 
  3. Put all ingredients in a pan and cook them over a high heat for  5mins and turn to a midium heat for 15 mins. Please don’t forget a lid resting directory on the ingredients during cooking. 

My husband liked the spaghetti salad 🍴 I am so glad because I always want my husband to be satisfied with my cooking. 

spring flower Tulip

 On way back to home from hair salon, I found tulips 🌷 it’s so pretty💗


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