Time flies so fast

Today, my mother’s second death anniversary ceremony was held. It’s been two year and it’s long way to get over it. I looked around my parents house after the ceremony and found arts my mother made. She loved fancywork. She was very cleaver with her hands and I also loved to see her works.  


In the ceremony, our monk chanted the sutra and gave us his little speech. Recently, his father passed away and it changed him completely. Everyday he stayed with his father and now he realized that his daily life didn’t take grunted and he took care of his father for 5 years and when his father passed away, the 5 years with him was like blink of an eye. That’s what I felt when my mother passed away. She was diagnosed  with Chronic Idiopathic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction:CIIP, which is incurable disease today. She was a  brave fighter and I am so proud of her and I am very happy to being her daughter. I wish I could tell her about it but it’s too later to tell her. I felt that  the period of her battling illiness was very short but actually it was more than 10 years. Again, it’s so hard to go through losing my dearest mother. Her friends and relatives  honer her memory. She must be happy now. 


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