As you know , there was a big earthquake in Nepal and  5,000 people are now known to have died. Famous mountain, Mt.Everest base camp was hit by an avalanche by triggered by the quake. I am very sorry for the catastrophe for all people in Napal and send my condolences to them. 

Yesterday , I got a call from my customer who is pharmaceutical company. They asked us to send supplies to Napal and find a route to get there.  As an air export shipment coordinator, I understand the how many flights to destination  and  how many routes there are and rules to inport at destination.  But unfortunately the airport is closed and military air plane is the top priority and civilian air plain can’t land on the ground at this moment. It’s so sad that there’s someone to help them and there’s no way to get there. Now Napal government announced that they have adequate rescue teams and decided to close salvages from foreign countries. Many salvages are still staying in the city and can’t go to the quake hit area due to congestion. I really hope rescue teams aid a lot of people and keep stay them safe. 


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