Accept reality. 

Sheryl Sandberg is the CEO of Facebook and her daily life must be busy and she has two beautiful children. The other day, she suddenly lost her husband during their vacation. 

After that, she posted her message in her Facebook. I was very touched following her message. 

As we put the love of my life to rest today, we buried only his body. His spirit, his soul, his amazing ability to give is still with us. It lives on in the stories people are sharing of how he touched their lives, in the love that is visible in the eyes of our family and friends, in the spirit and resilience of our children. Things will never be the same – but the world is better for the years my beloved husband lived. 

I know the meaning  what she wrote about. My sister and I have stayed stronger since our mother passed away. It’s because she loved us more than anything. 

This afternoon, I went to a cafe with my husband. The next table to us, there were two women talked about how treat kids after divorce. I think one of them is going to divorce and another who experienced divorce and advised her. I didn’t eavesdrop on their conversation but just thought people always have something to accept reality. I believe people need a lot of powers to file divorce. 

In my experience, accepting reality makes things much easier and sharing problems with someone cools me down. That’s what I learned when my mother passed away and now I’m facing fertility treatment and I told people about it.  Life is very hard to live but God or Buddha never give me trials I can’t go through. 

Rest in peace for Dave Goldberg and with the divorce  woman luck. 

Cake and Tea


Memorable place

My office will be relocated this weekend 🏢. It’s has been almost 4 years to work here and today was last day. 

During 4 years, it wasn’t just work place. I got a call from my family that my mother passed away in my office, and I was celebrated by my colleagues in my office and I was so happy about their cosiderations. I experienced both a good and a bad thing there. Considering times I spent at my office, I spent a lot of times with my colleagues and went through many things there.  It was a very convenient place and I didn’t need a umbrella from subway to my office. It was way too closed😉 Next office sucks. It will be older building than now and we’ll have to walk for 10 mins from subway. The high point of the next office is we have to work with many colleagues. 

Now we are two departments work together but from next month, 9 departments will work together. We are put together so more people are there and no more our easygoing atmosphere. I haven’t visit the new office. Hope I’ll get there right next Monday. 


It’s been two years since I got married to my husband and after one year had passed , we are thinking about having a kid and we tried to do our best but I couldn’t get pregnant. We finally went to see a  doctor who is a fertility treatment specialist. We took some examinations and my husband was diagnosed as infertility of male.   

I was prepared to encounter with some difficulties but I was so shocked, which I never ever told my husband and thought he didn’t deserve it. When he was 19, his father passed away. Since then, he tried to do everything for his family and having a kid gave his an another challenge.

Yesterday, in the morning, I took hysterosalpingography and it looked ok. Our doctor recommend us to try AIH and we decided to do it. I also told my boss and my team because I will might go see a doctor weekdays. They are very supportive on it. I can’t thank them enough. It’s not easy way and go thought a seemingly-endless challenge. Hope everything is going well. Wish us luck😘

Why? Answer is…

Today  I met my friend and she told me that she’s getting married 😀 However she is facing marriage blue now. She asked me why you are married even though you could make ends meet ? There you go! I questioned me the same before. 

Before  I was married to my husband, I had a full time job and could make ends meet myself and enjoyed my life. 

 I’ve worked for the same place and after two years flied away since I got married, I started to live with my mother in law. There are a lot of difficulties to live with her and becoming a family with a family in law is way too difficult. I sometimes regret why I got marred to my husband regarding living together with my mother in law. She is a nice mother in law but living with her is different. I am nervous sometime and  I know it’s not because of her and every wife feels the same way and just can’t settle this as “She’s other”. 

I love my husband and I respect him so much for sure. That’s the seasons I got married to him. Probably having kids make marriage life much meaningful and make us family If you like kids and I have someone to share everything is also good. 

It’s been two years but I realized life is liked riding a roller coaster. That’s I learn for two years.  I really hope she’ll get out of marriage blue soon. 

These were our lunch. 


Holiday 😀

How many paid holidays do you get and how often do you use it? 

Mine is 20 days per year but about 10 days left every  year and  I can carry over them to next year so, total 30 days paid holidays. 

The other day, I saw news about paid holiday of Chinese company. 6400 employees went on trip to France. That must have been wonderful trip to them because all expenses paid by the CEO. France must be so happy about the economic effect too. Win-Win trip✈️.

Another relevant airticle about paid holiday. 
Fast fashion brand “H&M” offers the following benefit packages. 

While the hourly pay—about $12 for full-time employees— is more in line with that of its retail competitors, it’s the vacation policy that betray’s H&M’s roots as a European company. Full-time employees start with up to three weeks of paid vacation per year, with the opportunity to earn up to five weeks’ vacation, plus seven paid sick days and six paid holidays, and your birthday off.

According to this article, employees in USA are not garanteed paid vacation.

In my imagination, USA was much more generous taking vacations and it was paid vacation. Of course it depends on company and job status. Japanese companies offer paid vacation but a problem is that we tend not to take it. It might be national identity?? I don’t know but we changed during a decade. We try to adjust to world standard over work environment and now we know the worth of paid vacation.  

It definitely new employees in H&M are sparkle joy about the benefit packages. 

Back to basics

Today, My husband and I attended my friend’s wedding reception at a hotel. We had our wedding ceremony next door so before going to there, we stopped by our wedding center and saw our wedding planners. It was a nice to see them 😄

After I got married and every time I attend a wedding reception,I remember my wedding day. I was very nervous and all of my faces in pictures were stiff 😳

Anyway, the wedding reception was started. The bride was so beautiful and they looked so happy and I was happy for them 💓 Wish them happy marriage full of joy and laughter 🌺

I won an equipment for eyes in a game. Actually I wanted to buy this so I was so happy. This equipment has a glasses and the glasses are getting warm and my eyes can relaxed. I take blue LED everyday so it might help my eyes.  

It’s been two years since I got married to my husband and during only two years, there’re a lot of things in our live and most of the things were unexpected things. Being married isn’t easy and is so complex but I learn being patient is important sometimes and I will be rewarded at some point. Life isn’t always  wonderful but worth it try to make it happen 🌈

Men in suits. 

My colleagues and I had a conversation about men for suits over lunch. One of our male coworkers always wear stylish custom-made suits. He loves fashion and he dwells on brands and good things. However, after he got married , he  started wearing ready-made suits too. Apparently textile for ready-made is different. Probably, his custome-made suits were way too good. The changed can’t be help. He has a wife and have to economise. 

Our topic was how people look differently in a suit. All of us believe wearing a suit is apt to make men look 30 % better.  It looks like smart and a competent looking. But wearing suit makes girls disappointe If we meet coworkers in frumpy  plain clothes in private. It also found a relevant article.
According to this article, people think defferently when you are in a suit.  

People are more confident and feel powerful and changed the basic way we see the world and wearing clothing that’s more formal than usual makes people think more broadly and holistically, rather than narrowly and about fine-grained detail.  

It’s proved by psychologi’ researches. When we go to a mixer, girls  need to watch out. If men wear suit, they might be too confident to read the situation.