Okinawa trip Day 1Β 

From May 2 to May 5, I am staying in Okinawa, Japan. This is the first visit Okinawa so I’m very thrilled πŸ˜„. 

Let me introduce what I did today. 

1. Lunch at A&W.  


I’d eaten in USA and Canada but not in Japan. There are 5 A&W restaurant in Japan and all of them in Okinawa.m not in main land of Japan. My husband had a root beer and it tasted like medicine.  I don’t often have a fast food recently and  the humberger’s size and volume were too big. It was really North America size and tasty😜 there a lot of US military bases in Okinawa so, this might thier home country’s food. 

2. Visit Shuri castle

We visited Shuri castle which is world heritage πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅.  


Okinawa island used to be not a part of Japan and they had thier own culture  which is called Ryukyu kingdom. Please refer to Wikipedia. The most of things were burned in the Buttle of Okinawa Japan vs USA.  So following photos are restore and not real one. 

King’s chair



King’s crown


King’s umbrella


Dress of Ryukyu kingdom

I didn’t know about this culture at all. I even didn’t know what language they spoke. It was Japanese and they had business with China so used Chinese classics too. Thier clothes and things were very colorful and it looked like Chinese style design for me. Such a great opportunity to see there.



Okinawa cuisine

I love the sea grapes very much. The texture was very good. It was like crushing eggs. 

This is my trip Okinawa Day 1. 

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