Okinawa trip Day 2

From today till last day for 2 days, we rent a car so we can go wherever we want to go.

Today’s purpose is going to “Churaumi aquerium“.  “Chura” means beautiful in Okinawa dialect and “umi” means ocean in Japanese so, it’s beautiful ocean. Okinawa had the clear blue ocean and lot’s of nature. It’s everlasting summer so they  can grow pineapple in thier garden themselves. 


ocean view from the car on the way to churaumi aquerium


Palm trees


Souki soba

This is Okinawa soba. It looked like Udon but the test like half udon and half soba. I remember that my roommate in Canada was a girl from Okinawa and she told me that she was very surprised at soba in mainland of Japan.  Yes, I was astonished as well. 

So, we arrived at Churaumi aquerium. It was very hard to find a parking lot due to congestion.  What I looked farward to is whale shark and manta ray. Manta rays was like smiling. I was overwhelmed with the view. There’re a lot of  other fishes and living things are displayed. Please check them with your eyes 👀. 


After leaving the aquerium, we headed to a guest house we stayed overnight. There was no TV to relax. The owner took us to a beach and introduced about traditions in Okinawa. A grave is pretty big and it looked like house. In the past , they put dead people into the big grave and not to be cremated so they needed a big grave. And they don’t have to assign temple because they don’t have religion. Mine has assigned temple and ask my monk to read chanting a Buddhism sutra every Memorial day. What a difference culture.  

Dinner tonight

 Rafute is the simmered pork with sauce Taco-rice is rice and ingredients for tacos such cheese,ground meat,tomato and other veggies topped on rice. This is made by Japanese for foreigners who lived in Okinawa. 

So far so good this trip. Everything went smoothly and we tried things we planned. To be continue…….💓

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