Okinawa trip Day 3

Today we wen to a beach today🏄🐳We headed Ikei island in Uruma, Okinawa. 

Ikei beach in Ikei island

Someone enjoys frying board

My hasband is meditateting on the white board

Crystal water

Chinen cape with my husband

We visited other world heritage “Sefa-Utaki(斎場御嶽)“. It’s the best holy place in Ryukyu kingdom. 



Road to place for pray






A big hole which made by bomb in okinawa war. It still remines.





Triangle shaped opening


Can you see the Island ?? It’s called “Kudaka island” where is a holy place continue to Niraikanai.


Niraikanainis has been  thought as an alian world and God descended to kudaka island and made Ryukyu Islands. So every graves in Okinawa faces to ocean because people believe Niraikanai is far off in the ocean. It’s so spiritual and there are a lot of things that I can believe there’s God in Okinawa. 


Dinner tonight

 Meat is one of the famous things in Okinawa. I went for a Hamburg stake made by local beef. It’s great and foreigners also love it too 🍖.

This is the 3rd day of my trip Okinawa. 


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