Happy Mother’s Day πŸ’–

I got my mother in law these flowers

Today, I had to do baby-sitters of my niece and nephew so, my family went out for Mother’s Day dinner. I somehow noticed beautiful flowers and I bought it on my way back to home today. I really thanks my mother in law because she takes most of houseworks. 

My nephew who loves sun glasses.

He’s a chatter box now but he’s way too cute❀️ I wish my mother saw him besides me I want her to hold him and had  him call her “Grandma”. Every year Mother’s Day is the hardest day for me. This is 2nd time since my mother passed away. 

Art mase by key board.

Look at the a lot of keyboard. Isn’t this great?


2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day πŸ’–

  1. Maya! The flowers are beautiful! Your mother in law must be so happy! So sorry the memories linger from your own mother. Sending you prayers and best wishes from the Dalai lamas temple.


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