Motivation to work  

I read the following article in upworthy.

This topic is very important for me and couldn’t overlook. Since I got married, this kind topic is always in my mind. I want to keep building my career and being  married  shouldn’t change only women’s life style. 

This woman got incredible gift, one was her kid and another was her boss. Her boss gauged her right and she would deserve it and everyone is motivated by recognition. That’s important and it is needed to be acted out by a boss.  After reading this, I rechecked benefits package of my company.

My company offers us “Paid maternity leave. ” and I work a reduced schedule  till my kid become 6 grades and as a kid grows up, I can be back to a full time worker. The point is that my company pays me bonus during a reduced schedule worker.  I also get “Granny leave“.  That helps me as well in the future. Overall, benefits aren’t bad and I know some of my coworkers use these system. 

I might not  be always a full time mother but my kid will be always top priority and combine the two is difficult but that’s something new I have to try like becoming a mother and a working mother. 

Her case is very rare and not every woman like this. But she’s not just hard working but she also worked for the company to thrive and showed her guts. I think I am a hard worker, too but I don’t think I am working on something to change company and I even don’t know how to figure it out.

Regarding the boss, my boss is also awesome. He is kind and but sometimes very strict on rule and he takes care of my family.  When I had a meeting with him, he always asks me that make sure my family understand my overwork and it’s not bothering my family. I appreciate his concern and he makes a good work environment too. So now I can work in cozy atmosphere. 

Now I was like seeing a new business model and I am so motivated by her. 


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