How do you manage your schedule ?

Today, there are a a lot of apps for calendar but still some people love paper version. Recently I’ve been working on the experiment over which one it’s useful for me. 


Paper version

  • Advantage 
  1. Your schedule never gone. 
  2. You can write whatever you like and decorate it. 
  3. Good to memorize schedule by writing. 
  • Disadvantage
  1. You need to bring it with you. 
  2. It costs you a little. 
  3. It might be troublesome writing schedule if you are lazy(Yes, I am!)


  • Advantage
  1. You can check organized schedule. App does it.  
  2. It’s free. 
  3. Reminder function notifies you schedule. 
  4. Smartphone is always with you so, check and add schedule easily. 
  • Disadvantage 
  1. You can’t check your sachedule talking to someone on your smartphone. 
  2. Schedule might be done accidentally. 
  3. Using smartphone time is longer than before. 

How about you? Which would you prefer ? I think the sure method is paper version. If you buy a thick calendar, your bag must be heavy. 

I asked my sister the same quation and I bursted out  laughting. 

“Maya, my answer is my brain. I don’t use neither app nor paper version . I don’t  often want to use smartphone. I can manage my schedule by my brain.  ”  She’s very hilarious. That’s my sis💓

I think I am going to use paper version. That’s more efficient to manage my schedule. 


2 thoughts on “How do you manage your schedule ?

  1. Maya what a great topic!! I certainly prefer the hard paper copy because you never lose it. However in the real world– I use both because the phone is always with you its possible to whip it out for notes when in a bind!!


    • Debi thank you for your comment. Now, I can’t live without my phone because I can’t write in my blog and I also use it for notes. I think hard paper things like book always win out over technologies eventually. Today, my husband bought a c ooking book and he said “There’re a million of recipes on the web and searching good one makes him tired. ” Too much information just makes us confused.

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