Men in suits. 

My colleagues and I had a conversation about men for suits over lunch. One of our male coworkers always wear stylish custom-made suits. He loves fashion and he dwells on brands and good things. However, after he got married , he  started wearing ready-made suits too. Apparently textile for ready-made is different. Probably, his custome-made suits were way too good. The changed can’t be help. He has a wife and have to economise. 

Our topic was how people look differently in a suit. All of us believe wearing a suit is apt to make men look 30 % better.  It looks like smart and a competent looking. But wearing suit makes girls disappointe If we meet coworkers in frumpy  plain clothes in private. It also found a relevant article.
According to this article, people think defferently when you are in a suit.  

People are more confident and feel powerful and changed the basic way we see the world and wearing clothing that’s more formal than usual makes people think more broadly and holistically, rather than narrowly and about fine-grained detail.  

It’s proved by psychologi’ researches. When we go to a mixer, girls  need to watch out. If men wear suit, they might be too confident to read the situation. 


2 thoughts on “Men in suits. 

    • I don’t think women think differently when they were suits like men do. I personally change ” not work mood” to “work mood” when I wear a suit.
      I’d prefer to business casual.

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