Back to basics

Today, My husband and I attended my friend’s wedding reception at a hotel. We had our wedding ceremony next door so before going to there, we stopped by our wedding center and saw our wedding planners. It was a nice to see them πŸ˜„

After I got married and every time I attend a wedding reception,I remember my wedding day. I was very nervous and all of my faces in pictures were stiff 😳

Anyway, the wedding reception was started. The bride was so beautiful and they looked so happy and I was happy for them πŸ’“ Wish them happy marriage full of joy and laughter 🌺

I won an equipment for eyes in a game. Actually I wanted to buy this so I was so happy. This equipment has a glasses and the glasses are getting warm and my eyes can relaxed. I take blue LED everyday so it might help my eyes.  

It’s been two years since I got married to my husband and during only two years, there’re a lot of things in our live and most of the things were unexpected things. Being married isn’t easy and is so complex but I learn being patient is important sometimes and I will be rewarded at some point. Life isn’t always  wonderful but worth it try to make it happen 🌈


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