Holiday 😀

How many paid holidays do you get and how often do you use it? 

Mine is 20 days per year but about 10 days left every  year and  I can carry over them to next year so, total 30 days paid holidays. 

The other day, I saw news about paid holiday of Chinese company. 6400 employees went on trip to France. That must have been wonderful trip to them because all expenses paid by the CEO. France must be so happy about the economic effect too. Win-Win trip✈️.

Another relevant airticle about paid holiday. 
Fast fashion brand “H&M” offers the following benefit packages. 

While the hourly pay—about $12 for full-time employees— is more in line with that of its retail competitors, it’s the vacation policy that betray’s H&M’s roots as a European company. Full-time employees start with up to three weeks of paid vacation per year, with the opportunity to earn up to five weeks’ vacation, plus seven paid sick days and six paid holidays, and your birthday off.

According to this article, employees in USA are not garanteed paid vacation.

In my imagination, USA was much more generous taking vacations and it was paid vacation. Of course it depends on company and job status. Japanese companies offer paid vacation but a problem is that we tend not to take it. It might be national identity?? I don’t know but we changed during a decade. We try to adjust to world standard over work environment and now we know the worth of paid vacation.  

It definitely new employees in H&M are sparkle joy about the benefit packages. 


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