Why? Answer is…

Today  I met my friend and she told me that she’s getting married πŸ˜€ However she is facing marriage blue now. She asked me why you are married even though you could make ends meet ? There you go! I questioned me the same before. 

Before  I was married to my husband, I had a full time job and could make ends meet myself and enjoyed my life. 

 I’ve worked for the same place and after two years flied away since I got married, I started to live with my mother in law. There are a lot of difficulties to live with her and becoming a family with a family in law is way too difficult. I sometimes regret why I got marred to my husband regarding living together with my mother in law. She is a nice mother in law but living with her is different. I am nervous sometime and  I know it’s not because of her and every wife feels the same way and just can’t settle this as “She’s other”. 

I love my husband and I respect him so much for sure. That’s the seasons I got married to him. Probably having kids make marriage life much meaningful and make us family If you like kids and I have someone to share everything is also good. 

It’s been two years but I realized life is liked riding a roller coaster. That’s I learn for two years.  I really hope she’ll get out of marriage blue soon. 

These were our lunch. 



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