It’s been two years since I got married to my husband and after one year had passed , we are thinking about having a kid and we tried to do our best but I couldn’t get pregnant. We finally went to see a  doctor who is a fertility treatment specialist. We took some examinations and my husband was diagnosed as infertility of male.   

I was prepared to encounter with some difficulties but I was so shocked, which I never ever told my husband and thought he didn’t deserve it. When he was 19, his father passed away. Since then, he tried to do everything for his family and having a kid gave his an another challenge.

Yesterday, in the morning, I took hysterosalpingography and it looked ok. Our doctor recommend us to try AIH and we decided to do it. I also told my boss and my team because I will might go see a doctor weekdays. They are very supportive on it. I can’t thank them enough. It’s not easy way and go thought a seemingly-endless challenge. Hope everything is going well. Wish us luck😘


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