Memorable place

My office will be relocated this weekend 🏢. It’s has been almost 4 years to work here and today was last day. 

During 4 years, it wasn’t just work place. I got a call from my family that my mother passed away in my office, and I was celebrated by my colleagues in my office and I was so happy about their cosiderations. I experienced both a good and a bad thing there. Considering times I spent at my office, I spent a lot of times with my colleagues and went through many things there.  It was a very convenient place and I didn’t need a umbrella from subway to my office. It was way too closed😉 Next office sucks. It will be older building than now and we’ll have to walk for 10 mins from subway. The high point of the next office is we have to work with many colleagues. 

Now we are two departments work together but from next month, 9 departments will work together. We are put together so more people are there and no more our easygoing atmosphere. I haven’t visit the new office. Hope I’ll get there right next Monday. 


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