Big step For the world 🌈

I am so happy to write about this ♥️🎉🎊✨

There was huge progress in same-sex marriage in the USA. I am not American but  I’m having a gratitude for the decision at the supreme court in the states and hope every gay people can have a husband or a wife and get a marriage liecense. 

Many  people had battled with previous law and stood up for their right. Now, they were rewarded🌹 The USA is the most powerful country in the world about economy, people and son on. I really hope many countries follow the USA including Japan. 

Recently two TV personalities tried to do same-sex marriage in Japan but thier marriage application was rejected because of the same-sex marriage. There are many Japanese people want to do the same thing but they can’t and I feel Japan isn’t ready understanding them. When I was in Canada, I met a wonderful female coworker who is bisexual. She told me that “At a gay bar, there are many Japanese people. How do you guys treat us in Japan? Because they seem like pretty relax living in Canada.  ”  In my view, we, Japanese realize the people who is gay but they don’t know how to treat them. TV personalities are different because they got popular because of gay and people think they are funny. But if public people come out, a reaction people around around them  is unpredictable. Actually I feel do NOT talk about this kind of topic to my husband and his family. They treat this like other people’s affairs and Japanese society is very conservative about taking care of this matter. So, it might take us long time to change the law. 

Things will never be the same – but the world is better for the years my beloved husband lived.
~From Sheryl Sandberg’s tribute~

Like Sheryl Sandberg’s message after her husband passed away, everyone has loved one and even though their partner passed away before the law changed, they would have thought as same as she said. 


Lasting good relationship 

How’s  your relationship with your partner ? Do you have a rule between you and your partner in busy daily life?  

I have a full time work and most of housework are taken care of by my mother-in-law. I am not a good wife but I want to work and I don’t want to quit and I ask for man and woman equality to my husband. I don’t know how he thinks about but at least he understands time has changed and he was have to adjust, which means he also have to do houseworks. Actually he does very much 😄

Since My husband and I have started fertilization treatment, our relation might changed for better way. The reality was pretty hard to accept and we talked about it over and over but we both knew how we think about our directionality. I recognized conversation is pretty important and I also massage his back and neck before going to bed. It’s pretty good becauss he can relax and we can talk so during the time we don’t argue! 

Lasting relationship is difficult. At wedding,we say “yes,I Do. “, and we all don’t know what’s coming in our life and there need to endure and there always is a conflict. Some people get tire of their life and some people could enjoy their life but it depends on you.

Please refer to the following article.

After reading this article, I reflected on my attitude to my husband . I need more kindness and generosity. I am sure if he asked me “look at the bird,Maya” , I would say “Yes, the bied is frying.  ” with a dry tone. And that’s a type which can’t last marriage. So, I swear that I am going to be nice to him. I think small things are important like fixing his water bottle full of tea before he does. This morning, I did it and he said “Thank you !”. That’s a quick outcome and it’s vice versa, too. I have an attitude of gratitude to him and say “Thank you”. That might change out relationship and get much better 💝 If you have tips for marriage, please let me know😄

The Corporate image

Last week, I attended a meeting with my company’s group businesses about  “Name recognition  of our company” and how we need to change company. 

Our company has a lot of businesses such logistics, train, bus, hotel, travel agency, truck and so on but we don’t have an opportunity to meet people in other businesses. I am in logistic section and an air export shipment coordinator.  

First of all, we had a group discussion about name recognition. My company is originally from Fukuoka prefecture. There are a lot of fans in Fukuoka who love my company but name recognition isn’t so good around Osaka and Tokyo area. Here is our interesting ideas to change name recognition.  

  • Buy a baseball team Or a  soccer  team and make them strong teams and use them as commercial.              => We used to have a pro baseball team. So old people know us as the baseball team. 
  • Use TV commercial as much as we can. => Now TV commercial is airing only in kyushuu area(Fukuoka is in Kyushu area). We need to change community-based approach.  
  • Renew our website to threll people when they see my company’s website.

In the conversation, we exchanged informations we didn’t know in the company.  One of colleagues in the travel section, she told us that thier Tokyo branch was in same building with FIFA so, they arranged Japanese women’ travel for World Cup 4 years ago.  That’s the apeal material !! I didnt know that, 

Have you heard of Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe? It’s famous horse race in France and my company arranged delivery of famous Japanese house “Deep impact” to Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe a few years ago. 

My company launch a company newsletter every month but there’s no such information so like this time , we exchanged  works, events in each section and we were told out of the blue in the conversation. We all realized that we need to exchange informations in our company changing value of name. 

Today, I saw one of good example how to apeal company. My company is a customer for airline companies because we use airline to send goods to overseas and choose which airline we use. They also offer good price for us. Recently my company was relocated to a new place and there is a practice to send flowers as celebration in Japan. One of airlines didn’t send us flowers but it’s not so important. However today  a sales perpon who is in charge of my company came visit us with hydrangeas. He said “I apologize for not sending you flowers , so today, I bring hydrangeas from my home and I am going to do flower arrangement myself. ” what a hilarious idea. The flower arrangement isn’t big and it’s pretty simple and what he did was deemed foolish and crazy idea but it’s so interesting strategy to entertain people, customers. His impression is now pretty strong and standing out in our memory is important ! We’ll figure out what strategies we use for name recognition and it must be crazy ideas. 


Last Friday, I had a reunion with my high school teacher including my friend and my husband. He comes visit us each time he’s on business trip. 

In the conversation, my friend brought up her marriage hunting story. This is usual topic😉 The other day, she joined a speed- dating and the members were supposed to be 30 males and 30 females. However, there were 40 females and 20 males.  What the heck is that? It was hilarious for us but it was just waste of time and money for her. My high school teacher suggested her that 2 points about how to gudge males.  

  1. Think about what you can’t accept about males. 
  2. Distinguish smell you like. (It’s about genetic level)

She tend ms to dwell on a males’ appearance. So she might need to be  generous  about it and she focuses on her ideal type and that must be highly competitive. Like he said No.1, accepting everything except  what you can’t accept is important !!! That is a first step to meet someone. Additional information, in the marriage life, we always have to force ourselves to accept things against our will so she should stop looking for someone with the emphasis on appearance.  

Regarding. No.2, this might be difficult.  He insisted that there is a smell people like and  feel comfortable. I agree with him. I like my husband’s body smell and it might be the comfortable smell. 

Marriage life and being in relationship are totally different. Being in relationship is much easygoing and marriage life is more complicated relationship and not easy to finish it. 

How’s your relashionship going ? 

Technology revolution. 

I loved see a chalkboard when was a student. By reading this article, it reminded me of good old days with my friends. I hated to cleaned a chalkboard and my uniform was covered by the chalk powders, though.  

You can also see the deffetences about how teachers taught students through the article. Did you learn about  pilgrims in cursive at school ? I wasn’t raised in native English speaking country so I don’t know about it but apparently the way to teach students had changed. 

It’s really unusual for kids not to use tablets and computers in class today. My high school teacher is working for school board in my hometown. So he attends a lot of seminars to learn how to teach in other countries and other schools. Japan didn’t have a debate class in a curriculum so it’ll be in it and a table for each student will be happening soon. Parents will have to pay a half of the price and the rest of it will be covered by grant money. 

Regarding information, my amazing English teacher told me an interesting column by Google CEO Eric Schmidt

We create as much information in two days now as we did from the dawn of man through 2003. I spend most of my time assuming the world is not ready for the technology revolution that will be happening to them soon. 

Only two days? WOW!! Personally I am not ready adjust the technology revolution and now a lot of children takes care of  a lot of information and they have to distinguish good information and bad information. When the views from perspective of students, it must be simple if teachers teach by using a chalkboard. They aren’t misled by a lot of  information.  

Overall, today, students must be tough to take a class because they had to do more than they can do because technology veris greatly and it imposes on them. We’ll see what’s happening next 100 years😀

Opt for …

A lot of women tend to opt for husband’s family name but Why? 

This idea come up from the this article by Parker Molloy. 

I am married and naturally I took my husband’s last name. My original name was amazing because my name was palindrome. So I was a little sad to change my last name and I also feel not being myself anymore. That’s one of life-transforming things for me. 

There’s a family register system in Japan. When I get married, my husband and I had to make it. If we will have a kid in near future, have our kid’s name in the register. My parents had it too. However, my mother passed away and her name was already deleted and both my sister and I have had family registers with our husbands so we were also deleted in their family register. Sadly only my father is in the register. 

A lot of women take husband’s last name and I really hate this system. I feel like I am tied down by the system. At wedding, we usually wear a white wedding dress and a colored dress in ceremony. But I didn’t wear a colored dress.  Wearing colored dress means taking on husband family’s style. Instead of it, I choose two way white dress. So, changing last name means a lot in Japan.  Common law marriage is ok for me but if we do that,  we can’t take full of social welfare and if we have a kid, we can’t joint custody. One parent only have custody. If parents divorce, they can’t joint custody neither. It’s so strange rule but I believe because of the system. A kid’s name can’t be in Family register for neither mother and father.There is no hyphenated name in Japan but I hope I could use it. Then I wouldn’t feel like not being myself. 

99 -year-old 🎓

 99-year-old is literally long life but a woman who is 99-year-old isn’t a typical old lady. 

She has recently graduated from college. WOW!! She went through a lot to get where she is now. I can imagine too. It  took her 7 years to finish and while 7 years, she had a couple of strokes and lost her driver’s lisence. She was struggling to understand algebra. I sure that her family is so proud of her and her family also try their bests make sure she got to school. 

I’m so honored to know about her graduation and a fantastic and respectable woman. I should spend my life with perseverance. 

Now she is an inspiration to me and taught everyone “Don’t give up, do it, and don’t let anybody discourage you… Do it for yourself,” through her own experience.