Mason jar

Now, Mason jar is very popular in Japan due to a lot of influenced by USA🇺🇸. Jar is filled with  salad  for lunch. Maybe they are vegitalians? 

Yesterday, my mother in law suddenly gave me “Mason jar” because I lent her my subway pass which I won’t use anymore. 

I was happy with her consideration. but when I watched it on TV, I thought I wouldn’t use it. It looks great if layers’ combination is beautiful but it’s functionionelly deficient for me. 

No.1 It’s difficult to take food in the bottom. 

No.2 I am Not a vegitalian. 

No.3 I’d prefer to use just a lunch box or a dish to eat. 

No.4 I don’t want a funcy one. I need a functional one. 

However I don’t want to ignore her consideration so I made sushi in mason jar.  How do you like it ? I couldn’t  made beautiful layers but I can have lunch  with a different feeling. 



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