It’s over 😀

Finally my Eiken exam (English exam in Japan)was over 🌟. It was relatively simple exam but it was not easy  for me. Cross your finger please💓

At the exam, I was flummoxed because there were elementary school students to take the exam with me. I thought time has changed and it become increasingly globalized. One thing I can tell you that their mothers  motivate them to study English. Am I going to be like them when I have a kid❓I really hope that children set their intentions to study English thenselves. 

When I was an elementary school student, I loved to watch ER, Full house and Ally McBeal and I thought why I couldn’t understand English over and over.   When I was in junior high, I met an assistant language teacher from USA. I can tell you she changed my life. She was my first native English speaker teacher and she asked students to handed in English a short essay every class  and I was into writing English and I handed in essays almost everyday and I was waiting for her reply and was happy that she understood my English.  I visited her in Portland, Oregon from Japan  and brought it to her and saw it together. It’s still my treasure and when I read it sometimes, I always get my motivation back  to keep study English. I believe the essays conduced me to writing my blog🌺

All roads lead to Rome and Rome was not built in a day🇮🇹


2 thoughts on “It’s over 😀

    • Thank you Debi 😉 Yes, the teacher gave me a powerful impression over interest of learning English and getting engage with foreigners. Of course you are the one of teachers, too 💝
      I am so looking for your return🎊
      Miss you ✨


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