Hug πŸ˜‰

How do you react to know if someone around you is gay?  It might be offensive for you or it’s acceptable for you. 

I read an article in upworthly about a male high school student had a chance to give his speech at high school graduation ceremony. But his school cancelled it because he is gay. He was planning on outing himself as gay and his school wasn’t ok with that. 

It’s so hard for him that someone don’t accept being himself  and not only him for everyone. In addition to canceling to his speech, the school principal  called his parents and outed him to them without his consent. 

How could the principal do that? It’s a shame that school doesn’t know about human rights and freedom of speech? Whatever he gaves his speech including coming out , his speech might be wonderful and actually it was ‼️Please check his speech. He got an opportunity to give his speech in TV show. 

There are still someone feel strange about gay people and it’s ok. That’s natural thought. I just think we shouldn’t insult gay people like this. 


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