99 -year-old 🎓

 99-year-old is literally long life but a woman who is 99-year-old isn’t a typical old lady. 

She has recently graduated from college. WOW!! She went through a lot to get where she is now. I can imagine too. It  took her 7 years to finish and while 7 years, she had a couple of strokes and lost her driver’s lisence. She was struggling to understand algebra. I sure that her family is so proud of her and her family also try their bests make sure she got to school. 

I’m so honored to know about her graduation and a fantastic and respectable woman. I should spend my life with perseverance. 

Now she is an inspiration to me and taught everyone “Don’t give up, do it, and don’t let anybody discourage you… Do it for yourself,” through her own experience.


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