Technology revolution. 

I loved see a chalkboard when was a student. By reading this article, it reminded me of good old days with my friends. I hated to cleaned a chalkboard and my uniform was covered by the chalk powders, though.  

You can also see the deffetences about how teachers taught students through the article. Did you learn about  pilgrims in cursive at school ? I wasn’t raised in native English speaking country so I don’t know about it but apparently the way to teach students had changed. 

It’s really unusual for kids not to use tablets and computers in class today. My high school teacher is working for school board in my hometown. So he attends a lot of seminars to learn how to teach in other countries and other schools. Japan didn’t have a debate class in a curriculum so it’ll be in it and a table for each student will be happening soon. Parents will have to pay a half of the price and the rest of it will be covered by grant money. 

Regarding information, my amazing English teacher told me an interesting column by Google CEO Eric Schmidt

We create as much information in two days now as we did from the dawn of man through 2003. I spend most of my time assuming the world is not ready for the technology revolution that will be happening to them soon. 

Only two days? WOW!! Personally I am not ready adjust the technology revolution and now a lot of children takes care of  a lot of information and they have to distinguish good information and bad information. When the views from perspective of students, it must be simple if teachers teach by using a chalkboard. They aren’t misled by a lot of  information.  

Overall, today, students must be tough to take a class because they had to do more than they can do because technology veris greatly and it imposes on them. We’ll see what’s happening next 100 years😀


One thought on “Technology revolution. 

  1. It’s hard to ponder where the Internet is going with all the advancement in technology. But I agreed– two days– that’s scary! Thanks for posting on such an interesting topic!


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