Last Friday, I had a reunion with my high school teacher including my friend and my husband. He comes visit us each time he’s on business trip. 

In the conversation, my friend brought up her marriage hunting story. This is usual topic😉 The other day, she joined a speed- dating and the members were supposed to be 30 males and 30 females. However, there were 40 females and 20 males.  What the heck is that? It was hilarious for us but it was just waste of time and money for her. My high school teacher suggested her that 2 points about how to gudge males.  

  1. Think about what you can’t accept about males. 
  2. Distinguish smell you like. (It’s about genetic level)

She tend ms to dwell on a males’ appearance. So she might need to be  generous  about it and she focuses on her ideal type and that must be highly competitive. Like he said No.1, accepting everything except  what you can’t accept is important !!! That is a first step to meet someone. Additional information, in the marriage life, we always have to force ourselves to accept things against our will so she should stop looking for someone with the emphasis on appearance.  

Regarding. No.2, this might be difficult.  He insisted that there is a smell people like and  feel comfortable. I agree with him. I like my husband’s body smell and it might be the comfortable smell. 

Marriage life and being in relationship are totally different. Being in relationship is much easygoing and marriage life is more complicated relationship and not easy to finish it. 

How’s your relashionship going ? 

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