The Corporate image

Last week, I attended a meeting with my company’s group businesses about  “Name recognition  of our company” and how we need to change company. 

Our company has a lot of businesses such logistics, train, bus, hotel, travel agency, truck and so on but we don’t have an opportunity to meet people in other businesses. I am in logistic section and an air export shipment coordinator.  

First of all, we had a group discussion about name recognition. My company is originally from Fukuoka prefecture. There are a lot of fans in Fukuoka who love my company but name recognition isn’t so good around Osaka and Tokyo area. Here is our interesting ideas to change name recognition.  

  • Buy a baseball team Or a  soccer  team and make them strong teams and use them as commercial.              => We used to have a pro baseball team. So old people know us as the baseball team. 
  • Use TV commercial as much as we can. => Now TV commercial is airing only in kyushuu area(Fukuoka is in Kyushu area). We need to change community-based approach.  
  • Renew our website to threll people when they see my company’s website.

In the conversation, we exchanged informations we didn’t know in the company.  One of colleagues in the travel section, she told us that thier Tokyo branch was in same building with FIFA so, they arranged Japanese women’ travel for World Cup 4 years ago.  That’s the apeal material !! I didnt know that, 

Have you heard of Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe? It’s famous horse race in France and my company arranged delivery of famous Japanese house “Deep impact” to Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe a few years ago. 

My company launch a company newsletter every month but there’s no such information so like this time , we exchanged  works, events in each section and we were told out of the blue in the conversation. We all realized that we need to exchange informations in our company changing value of name. 

Today, I saw one of good example how to apeal company. My company is a customer for airline companies because we use airline to send goods to overseas and choose which airline we use. They also offer good price for us. Recently my company was relocated to a new place and there is a practice to send flowers as celebration in Japan. One of airlines didn’t send us flowers but it’s not so important. However today  a sales perpon who is in charge of my company came visit us with hydrangeas. He said “I apologize for not sending you flowers , so today, I bring hydrangeas from my home and I am going to do flower arrangement myself. ” what a hilarious idea. The flower arrangement isn’t big and it’s pretty simple and what he did was deemed foolish and crazy idea but it’s so interesting strategy to entertain people, customers. His impression is now pretty strong and standing out in our memory is important ! We’ll figure out what strategies we use for name recognition and it must be crazy ideas. 

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