Lasting good relationship 

How’s  your relationship with your partner ? Do you have a rule between you and your partner in busy daily life?  

I have a full time work and most of housework are taken care of by my mother-in-law. I am not a good wife but I want to work and I don’t want to quit and I ask for man and woman equality to my husband. I don’t know how he thinks about but at least he understands time has changed and he was have to adjust, which means he also have to do houseworks. Actually he does very much 😄

Since My husband and I have started fertilization treatment, our relation might changed for better way. The reality was pretty hard to accept and we talked about it over and over but we both knew how we think about our directionality. I recognized conversation is pretty important and I also massage his back and neck before going to bed. It’s pretty good becauss he can relax and we can talk so during the time we don’t argue! 

Lasting relationship is difficult. At wedding,we say “yes,I Do. “, and we all don’t know what’s coming in our life and there need to endure and there always is a conflict. Some people get tire of their life and some people could enjoy their life but it depends on you.

Please refer to the following article.

After reading this article, I reflected on my attitude to my husband . I need more kindness and generosity. I am sure if he asked me “look at the bird,Maya” , I would say “Yes, the bied is frying.  ” with a dry tone. And that’s a type which can’t last marriage. So, I swear that I am going to be nice to him. I think small things are important like fixing his water bottle full of tea before he does. This morning, I did it and he said “Thank you !”. That’s a quick outcome and it’s vice versa, too. I have an attitude of gratitude to him and say “Thank you”. That might change out relationship and get much better 💝 If you have tips for marriage, please let me know😄


2 thoughts on “Lasting good relationship 

  1. Fabulous post!! Barbera Fredrickson a positive psychologist, says that we must all work toward happiness. And to think of it as small spirals of emotion which are released during the day when we interact with other people ( as opposed to one huge feeling of emotion which lasts for 24 hours–it doesn’t work that way!). With your small acts of kindness for your husband you are surely on your way to a happier life, happier relationship! ❤️🌹


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