Big step For the world 🌈

I am so happy to write about this ♥️🎉🎊✨

There was huge progress in same-sex marriage in the USA. I am not American but  I’m having a gratitude for the decision at the supreme court in the states and hope every gay people can have a husband or a wife and get a marriage liecense. 

Many  people had battled with previous law and stood up for their right. Now, they were rewarded🌹 The USA is the most powerful country in the world about economy, people and son on. I really hope many countries follow the USA including Japan. 

Recently two TV personalities tried to do same-sex marriage in Japan but thier marriage application was rejected because of the same-sex marriage. There are many Japanese people want to do the same thing but they can’t and I feel Japan isn’t ready understanding them. When I was in Canada, I met a wonderful female coworker who is bisexual. She told me that “At a gay bar, there are many Japanese people. How do you guys treat us in Japan? Because they seem like pretty relax living in Canada.  ”  In my view, we, Japanese realize the people who is gay but they don’t know how to treat them. TV personalities are different because they got popular because of gay and people think they are funny. But if public people come out, a reaction people around around them  is unpredictable. Actually I feel do NOT talk about this kind of topic to my husband and his family. They treat this like other people’s affairs and Japanese society is very conservative about taking care of this matter. So, it might take us long time to change the law. 

Things will never be the same – but the world is better for the years my beloved husband lived.
~From Sheryl Sandberg’s tribute~

Like Sheryl Sandberg’s message after her husband passed away, everyone has loved one and even though their partner passed away before the law changed, they would have thought as same as she said. 


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