My version of inside outΒ 

Pixer Movie “Inside out” has a good reputation and I was moved when I watched it and even though it’s animation, I could learn about how people express emotions. 

People have 5 emotions,Joy,Anger,Fear,Sadness,Disgust naturally. We are prone to try to be  being positive and try to get rid of negative feelings. People’s personality is made by their experience and memory. 

In my personality , I tend to predict things which are not happened yet and think about things nagatively. That’s a waste of time in my life. I know my Sadness and Fear work very very hard and Joy can’t stop them. However, that’s might not be bad. I might be saved myself by being realist and being negative means also being careful. But I still need to look for a way to get out of it. But I can’t stay there all the time.   If I can’t get out of the feeling, it’s the time to tell someone about it. Then, Sadness works so so hard to tell 😊 It must be fun if I can see inside of my head. There might be a delusional boyfriend and a friend like Bing Bong. I love Bing Bong in the movie. He is such a sweet character. His kindness brought me tears. 

Through this movie, I thought about how to accept people who are unhappy.  There two types of unhappy. One is trying to be think positively in the unhappy situation. Another is people who feel unhappy easily and can’t get out of unhappy zone. We can’t get along with everyone but I want to understand them. In the latter case, I found out the way how I engage with people. “Image the inside head of unhappy people and don’t think about their mind. “. So, it’s not about unhappy people as they are and it’s about emotions in their head and the emotions donimnate their situation.  That might help to get along with unhappy people. 

“Inside out” is for both kids and adults. You feel  something after watch it and relationship with other and your family might change. 


Happy birthday to my nephew and my niece.Β 

Today was such a fantastic day. My husband and I attended nephew’s 3 year old and neice’s 2 year old birthday party. They are apples in my eyes and I have gratitude for their healthy growing. My sister and my bother in law are good parets for them and they discipline them properly. I wish my mother could stay with us. 

This time, my mother in law, she baked raisin bread for them.  I know that’s what she wants to do for her grandkids. So, I thought my husband and I might hurry up a little for having a baby. 

This year their birthday party was better than last year. They didn’t get what happened last year but this year, they totally understood the situation and the meaning of two cakes. 

Hope they have an another fabulous one year 😜


My nephew loves loocal train.


My niece loves animetion “Anpanman”


Homemade paella

Avocado & shrimp salad

Carpaccio with raw fish

Grilled beef with Ponzu sauce


Managing and control

How do you manage your money ? Paper bookkeeping, Social bookkeeping or your brain? I tried both paper and social bookkeeping. 

Here is the detail how did it go. 

1.A paper bookkeeping

This type is just pasting receipt in the bookkeeping and  you have to calculate costs and write them yourself.   

I had a fun at the beginning but it was getting bulky and of course you need all of receipts otherwise you can’t calculate properly. I was so tired of collecting receipts and finally it looked like bulky trash and stopped using it. This is good but just not for me. 

2.Social bookkeeping

This type is reading a receipt date by smartphone camera. It’s so easy!! I am using app Zaim.This app cover faults about paper bookkeeping. 

1. It’s easy to save receipt data. 

2. Calculate automatically. 

3. Data is organized by category. 

4. You can associate Zaim with your bank account. 

5. You can log in from every where.  

I don’t use #4 as to security issue but it must gbe a good tool. Those who are lazy people like me would be suitable. 

I am wondering if I can live with credit card or prepaid card without cash. Prepaid card sounds good because there’s limit how much I can spend. It’s  convenient to walk into stores without money πŸ˜€ But spending money is all about your emotions. If you feel frustrated, you might want to eat sweet and buy it. If you feel good, you can control your budget. Emotions dominate your situations in many way. 

Take a balance.Β 

Live in the lap of luxury(money) or raise a loving family(mind), you might want to get both when you get marriage.  However both choices are difficult to get at the same time. However, which would you opt for ?

The other day, I saw gossip about a male actor will leave his career because he’s going to take care of his father-in-law. His wife is very successful beautiful Japanese actress and get paid well and it’s more than he does. So their marriage was called “disparity marriage “. But they seems very happily married couple. They don’t have a kid but they enjoy their life and keep their good relationship.

Usually husband’s salary is less than his wife, at first, he can take care of housework but  he’s pride gradually ruin their marriage and at the end of the day, his wife is getting tired of both work and housework and it leads to them “divorce or separation. ”

According to a marriage counselor,  the couple clear about their purpose in their life. They opted for “raise a loving family” and they think about a stable balance of two in the family.  Conditions they can live together under the situation is the wife treats her husband with due respect and conveys thankfulness to him.

Men have a big damage when they know the reality that they rely on their wives financially. That’s not bad at all if they do housework  but  they feel it instinctively. Part of marriage is accommodating your partner’s feelings even when they are  unfounded. Money or mind, there’s no right answer what you choose. Life might become complicated by marriage but on the other hand, there’s great things as well. When you have problems in your family or partner, think about a balance, not about relationship.  You will see what is your roll.

New YorkΒ 

Living in New York sounds cool and a winner. I watched “Sex and the city ” when I was in high school and it was stimulating life in New York in the show. Today I read an interesting article about real New York life. 

1.House furnishings are comp. 

New Yorker tends not to buy new one? Busy city, people come and go, so they dump unnecessary furniture on the street and pocking them up is usual. Is that true? But it’s great because it’s recycle πŸ™‚

2.Self-catering is a must. 

I know what it means. Food price including land rend  is expensive and  tip is a double of tax if we go out for dinner.  Dining out might bomb your  budget πŸ˜‰ I heard there’s a tour which visits restaurants in SATC and it’s very popular by Japanese. Their luxury life isn’t normal. 

3. Terrible housing condition. 

Rent price is the most expensive city is NY. So people can’t afford to live yourself and most of single people have roommates to share rent ask some people are too self- centered  for communal living. That must be so stressful. I can tell because I am living with mother in law and I used to have roommates in Toronto, Canada and they were the best roommates living together. 

4.Washing machine. 

Buildings in the NY are very old so plumbing is outdated and people can’t have a washing machine at home. WOW !!! I can’t imagine life without a washing machine. One washing machine for one family is usual and it must be stressful if I don’t have it. 

5.A half of an year is winter. 

Stimulating city but also it’s very cold in the winter. I experienced living with a bunch of snows and around Xmas, luminary was very beautiful but it was too long winter. Probably this was the last time to experience minus 40 degrees. Many people from everlasting country go home because of cold. 

6. Why people want  to live in New York?

Real life is survival but it’s also a treasury of chances. People need to make effort on dream come true but miracle also happens in the city. That’s why people come from all over the world. There more many races and differen life so people don’t have to compare with other and looking bad turn out to cool. Is this heaven or hell? Today’s a millionaire but tomorrow might be a homeless. Night view from rockefeller center was beautiful when I visited New York but now I know the each light sparked by people’s high hope, desperation,desire, tear and breath. It’s so jungle. But if you success in New York, it’s so priceless as well. Once thing I found that people in the sex and the city is minority. 

    A battle of waiting.Β 

    It was a rough day yesterday. I had to entertain my client with dinner after work. Monday is busy day so my colleague and I asked our boss to let us  join after 8:30pm. So our boss and our sales persons started dinner from 6:30pm with the clients and after 8:30pm, we started to have second party with them at other place. 

    My colleague and I was waiting for them from 8:15pm and they didn’t show up. We were so hungry and wanted to drink something. But for my client’s sake , we couldn’t do that. Finally they showed up but all of them got drunk. That was ok but it was 9:00pm when they arrived. My sales persons should have thought about time. It was fun to meet new people but we got tired of waiting. Darn it !

    This is just complaint. Thank you for listening πŸ’“

    Follow three steps behind.Β 

    Do you know a meaning “follow three steps behind “?  This describes positional relation between a Japanese female and a Japanese man and I recognized the real meaning recently. 

    I’d thought about this as “chastened attitude and back off behind a man. ”  It’s not “male-dominate society ” now and it’s outdated. My husband always follow me 😜 I was shocked to know the real meaning. 

    It meas “Follow three steps behind me  and I keep you safe and I protect you whatever happens.

    This is a huge misunderstanding and depending on how I look at it πŸ™‚ I feel that’s Samurai sprit in this sentence. The more I can look at and think about positive side, the more I could enjoy my life.