Mixed race 

Mixed race marriage is rapidly increasing in Japan. I see elementary students who look like a little Caucasian but also a little Asian. Japan was a single race nation and we are swallowed up by globalization and becoming a mixed race nation.

I had an experience living in Toronto,Canada and there were many people from different countries lived together. I’d visited Greek town, Italy town(called “little Italy “), China town and Korean town. So, diversity was ordinary and of course there’re mixed race marriage. People weren’t surprised about race and I loved the environment and much comfortable. 

My friend who is a kid of mixed race told me that living in Japan is hard due to his appearance. People look at him and realize him as a foreigner or mixed race people and ask him “Can you speak English?.” He is bilingual in Japanese and English. But they are many mothers and fathers who aren’t from non English speaking country. So, why Japanese think that  all of foreigners speak English?  I feel very sorry for him because the way he speaks was very serious. He’s right.  Japanese people might be need to know that people don’t  look like Asian is also Japanese and not all of them speak English. 

I honestly envy children of mixed marriage. They are involved with at least two cultures since birth and get used to be diversity from an early age. That’s so privileged nowadays and I wish I could have grown up in the family background. Of course they have to take efforts but I am sure they can engage successfully with others. And they might take unique education or have a dolly face by mixed race😘

Reference website:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3146070/Mixed-race-relationships-making-taller-smarter-Children-born-genetically-diverse-parents-intelligent-ancestors.html


3 thoughts on “Mixed race 

  1. As an American almost all of us are mixed to some degree. Although I’m blonde with blue eyes my DNA profile shows ancestry from Palestine, Malta, Scotland, Ireland, Germany and American Indian. That’s pretty typical. Although most Japanese think of themselves as being homogenous it would be interesting to see the results of a DNA blood test which are easily done just check online. 😊👍


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