A battle of waiting. 

It was a rough day yesterday. I had to entertain my client with dinner after work. Monday is busy day so my colleague and I asked our boss to let us  join after 8:30pm. So our boss and our sales persons started dinner from 6:30pm with the clients and after 8:30pm, we started to have second party with them at other place. 

My colleague and I was waiting for them from 8:15pm and they didn’t show up. We were so hungry and wanted to drink something. But for my client’s sake , we couldn’t do that. Finally they showed up but all of them got drunk. That was ok but it was 9:00pm when they arrived. My sales persons should have thought about time. It was fun to meet new people but we got tired of waiting. Darn it !

This is just complaint. Thank you for listening 💓


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