New York 

Living in New York sounds cool and a winner. I watched “Sex and the city ” when I was in high school and it was stimulating life in New York in the show. Today I read an interesting article about real New York life. 

1.House furnishings are comp. 

New Yorker tends not to buy new one? Busy city, people come and go, so they dump unnecessary furniture on the street and pocking them up is usual. Is that true? But it’s great because it’s recycle 🙂

2.Self-catering is a must. 

I know what it means. Food price including land rend  is expensive and  tip is a double of tax if we go out for dinner.  Dining out might bomb your  budget 😉 I heard there’s a tour which visits restaurants in SATC and it’s very popular by Japanese. Their luxury life isn’t normal. 

3. Terrible housing condition. 

Rent price is the most expensive city is NY. So people can’t afford to live yourself and most of single people have roommates to share rent ask some people are too self- centered  for communal living. That must be so stressful. I can tell because I am living with mother in law and I used to have roommates in Toronto, Canada and they were the best roommates living together. 

4.Washing machine. 

Buildings in the NY are very old so plumbing is outdated and people can’t have a washing machine at home. WOW !!! I can’t imagine life without a washing machine. One washing machine for one family is usual and it must be stressful if I don’t have it. 

5.A half of an year is winter. 

Stimulating city but also it’s very cold in the winter. I experienced living with a bunch of snows and around Xmas, luminary was very beautiful but it was too long winter. Probably this was the last time to experience minus 40 degrees. Many people from everlasting country go home because of cold. 

6. Why people want  to live in New York?

Real life is survival but it’s also a treasury of chances. People need to make effort on dream come true but miracle also happens in the city. That’s why people come from all over the world. There more many races and differen life so people don’t have to compare with other and looking bad turn out to cool. Is this heaven or hell? Today’s a millionaire but tomorrow might be a homeless. Night view from rockefeller center was beautiful when I visited New York but now I know the each light sparked by people’s high hope, desperation,desire, tear and breath. It’s so jungle. But if you success in New York, it’s so priceless as well. Once thing I found that people in the sex and the city is minority. 


    2 thoughts on “New York 

    1. What a great topic!! One reason people love New York is because it’s so dynamic. It has energy! There’s so much going on for the arts, commerce, even the food scene because so many talented people live there stacked on top of each other! 🙂 I would love to live there but only for short periods of time! 💖


      • I’d love to live in New York for short period, too. I felt it’s was so energetic place but also it was noisy as well. But there is certainly valuable for those people who have a big dream and worth try it there✨

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