Take a balance. 

Live in the lap of luxury(money) or raise a loving family(mind), you might want to get both when you get marriage.  However both choices are difficult to get at the same time. However, which would you opt for ?

The other day, I saw gossip about a male actor will leave his career because he’s going to take care of his father-in-law. His wife is very successful beautiful Japanese actress and get paid well and it’s more than he does. So their marriage was called “disparity marriage “. But they seems very happily married couple. They don’t have a kid but they enjoy their life and keep their good relationship.

Usually husband’s salary is less than his wife, at first, he can take care of housework but  he’s pride gradually ruin their marriage and at the end of the day, his wife is getting tired of both work and housework and it leads to them “divorce or separation. ”

According to a marriage counselor,  the couple clear about their purpose in their life. They opted for “raise a loving family” and they think about a stable balance of two in the family.  Conditions they can live together under the situation is the wife treats her husband with due respect and conveys thankfulness to him.

Men have a big damage when they know the reality that they rely on their wives financially. That’s not bad at all if they do housework  but  they feel it instinctively. Part of marriage is accommodating your partner’s feelings even when they are  unfounded. Money or mind, there’s no right answer what you choose. Life might become complicated by marriage but on the other hand, there’s great things as well. When you have problems in your family or partner, think about a balance, not about relationship.  You will see what is your roll.


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