Managing and control

How do you manage your money ? Paper bookkeeping, Social bookkeeping or your brain? I tried both paper and social bookkeeping. 

Here is the detail how did it go. 

1.A paper bookkeeping

This type is just pasting receipt in the bookkeeping and  you have to calculate costs and write them yourself.   

I had a fun at the beginning but it was getting bulky and of course you need all of receipts otherwise you can’t calculate properly. I was so tired of collecting receipts and finally it looked like bulky trash and stopped using it. This is good but just not for me. 

2.Social bookkeeping

This type is reading a receipt date by smartphone camera. It’s so easy!! I am using app Zaim.This app cover faults about paper bookkeeping. 

1. It’s easy to save receipt data. 

2. Calculate automatically. 

3. Data is organized by category. 

4. You can associate Zaim with your bank account. 

5. You can log in from every where.  

I don’t use #4 as to security issue but it must gbe a good tool. Those who are lazy people like me would be suitable. 

I am wondering if I can live with credit card or prepaid card without cash. Prepaid card sounds good because there’s limit how much I can spend. It’s  convenient to walk into stores without money 😀 But spending money is all about your emotions. If you feel frustrated, you might want to eat sweet and buy it. If you feel good, you can control your budget. Emotions dominate your situations in many way. 


One thought on “Managing and control

  1. I agree about social bookkeeping. I had the same issue about not wanting to link the account with my bank account. You never know about hacking. Your program sounds good, especially the idea of scanning receipts. I’ll look it up! Thanks for the interesting post! See you soon!! 😊🌻


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