Happy birthday to my nephew and my niece. 

Today was such a fantastic day. My husband and I attended nephew’s 3 year old and neice’s 2 year old birthday party. They are apples in my eyes and I have gratitude for their healthy growing. My sister and my bother in law are good parets for them and they discipline them properly. I wish my mother could stay with us. 

This time, my mother in law, she baked raisin bread for them.  I know that’s what she wants to do for her grandkids. So, I thought my husband and I might hurry up a little for having a baby. 

This year their birthday party was better than last year. They didn’t get what happened last year but this year, they totally understood the situation and the meaning of two cakes. 

Hope they have an another fabulous one year 😜


My nephew loves loocal train.


My niece loves animetion “Anpanman”


Homemade paella

Avocado & shrimp salad

Carpaccio with raw fish

Grilled beef with Ponzu sauce



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