My version of inside out 

Pixer Movie “Inside out” has a good reputation and I was moved when I watched it and even though it’s animation, I could learn about how people express emotions. 

People have 5 emotions,Joy,Anger,Fear,Sadness,Disgust naturally. We are prone to try to be  being positive and try to get rid of negative feelings. People’s personality is made by their experience and memory. 

In my personality , I tend to predict things which are not happened yet and think about things nagatively. That’s a waste of time in my life. I know my Sadness and Fear work very very hard and Joy can’t stop them. However, that’s might not be bad. I might be saved myself by being realist and being negative means also being careful. But I still need to look for a way to get out of it. But I can’t stay there all the time.   If I can’t get out of the feeling, it’s the time to tell someone about it. Then, Sadness works so so hard to tell 😊 It must be fun if I can see inside of my head. There might be a delusional boyfriend and a friend like Bing Bong. I love Bing Bong in the movie. He is such a sweet character. His kindness brought me tears. 

Through this movie, I thought about how to accept people who are unhappy.  There two types of unhappy. One is trying to be think positively in the unhappy situation. Another is people who feel unhappy easily and can’t get out of unhappy zone. We can’t get along with everyone but I want to understand them. In the latter case, I found out the way how I engage with people. “Image the inside head of unhappy people and don’t think about their mind. “. So, it’s not about unhappy people as they are and it’s about emotions in their head and the emotions donimnate their situation.  That might help to get along with unhappy people. 

“Inside out” is for both kids and adults. You feel  something after watch it and relationship with other and your family might change. 


One thought on “My version of inside out 

  1. I too love the idea behind this movie. It’s a great way to teach small children and big kids about emotions. And sadness is a tough one to handle. For all of us.
    Thanks for writing and sharing!


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