Kidney beans with tofu sesame sauce

Before going to futsal, I prepared dinner 🙂

My relative sent me a lot of Kidney beans and I’ve used it by ordinary Japanese cookings but I am so tired of them. I found this recipe in the web. The sauce is very healthy because of tofu. 

How to make this….

•A half of tofu (Make sure dry out before using. You can microwave wrapped  Tofu with paper towels for 2 mins. )

•3 TBS instant bouillon 

•2 TBS soy sauce 

• 2 TBS suger

And just mix tofu and all seasonings and be on top of kidney beans.  

You can dip other veggies with it. 



Chemical reaction didn’t happened. 

One of futsal members is getting married🌺 I was very happy to hear that !! He’s early 40 and worked hard  to find someone. However, I have a little mixed feeling. 

Last year, I introduced him to my female coworker. She also worked so hard to get married. My husband, he, she and I had dinner together and had a good time. But it just didn’t go well and timing was bad because  he had to go on business trip for two months. So they didn’t have a chance only two of them after that. 

After three or four months passed, she contacted him and found it out that he was seeing someone. I still regret that four of us should have meet one more time and they could get to know each other and the fiancé could be her.   I really wished they went well and I didn’t select wrong two people. I need to learn more tactics when I set up blind date. 

New technology destroys people?

The other day, I had a English lesson with my teacher Debi about rules of using smart phone. My husband likes playing games by his smartphone. But I banned on playing games at meal time. We could still talk while he played games but he didn’t  look at me and his reaction was unreliable without eye contact so I asked him not to play. 

When Debi went to a Japanese Ramen restaurant in the states, she saw a horrified situation. There was Japanese family, mother, father, and son. What she was horrified about was mother and father were using their smartphones and their son just kept looking at them without conversation until they got their order. It was very sad situation but we are getting used to the situation, too. 

There’s a chat app “LINE” and I am also Line user. I believe most of people in Japan who has smartphone communicate with people by LINE. It’s very convinient but the convenience causes serious problems. 

Now, many junior high school students have their own smartphone and they also talk to friends with LINE. But the  conversation in LINE causes bullying at school. When we don’t talk in person, we might have a big mouth and hurt someone.  It must be a good tool but someone is suffered from this. 

If you live in non-smartphone world, do you become different type of  person? I could say yes to myself. I rely on my smartphone too much and the way of main communication is text message. So I feel like I am getting bad at speaking to people.  If I didn’t use smartphone,I could be more talkative and get a good influence over my personality through real conversation. It’s the same with English speaking lesson. The more I could speak, the more I could be better English speaker. In near future, I also need to practice Japanese speaking lesson over how to communicate with people. 


My summer holiday was over.  This is called “Obon” and during the time, our ancients come back to their home and family. Mostly we are Buddhist but each family has own denomination.  

My family displays lanterns during Obon. The little lightning flowers are lotus flower. Why lotus flower ? In the story of Buddhism, people are born in the lotus flower that’s why we display it too. We can buy real flowers but it’s recently electric flower is famous. 

What I did in my hometown…

1. Meeting up my friends. 

I met four of friends this time. My friend who is forced to do blind dating. My friend who gave birth to baby girl and her daughter extremely looked after her grandpa who was father in law from my friend. My friend who has a trouble with her co-worker. And my friend who is waiting for proposal from her boyfriend. They all made me laugh and we had so much fun 😄

2. Meeting my relatives and cousin. 

This was main reason I went back to my hometown. I was glad to see them and knew they are doing great. They are 5 little kids including my nephew and niece. 

My nephew who turned 3 and is becoming a chatterbox. He didn’t make me sleep till he was satisfied with his talking and woke me up at 6 o’clock in the morning 💤 

3. My husband birthday. 

Aug 14 was my husband’s birthday. I took him an Aquariam and he was very excited to see Dolphins show and I prepared his birthday cake. The cake was hijacked by the 5 little kids. Their eyes became sparkle when they found the cake. They blew out candles before he tried to do that. It was hilarious moment. 

I really hope my mom felt relived to see us. We are doing great and it was safe trip to her way back her world she is living now 💓

Money = point 

  Money is important so I don’t want to waste my money. 

How I manage money? I keep my household account with app and I use e-money. 

There’re a lot of credit card companies  and we need to figure out which we have to choose. I choose Rakuten which is Japanese shopping website company. My Rakuten credit card and e-money “Edy” are all together. Let me introduce how I use this and this great functions. 

“Getting point” is at rock bottom. How I save point is 

• Shopping the Rakuten shopping website. 

• Fill out web questionnaire every day. 

• Find a campaign to get points by double,triple even more. 

• Pay fixed costs by the credit card. 

Once I can get points,  the points goes to “Edy” and I can use points at real shopping, like when I go get a free coffee. There’re many places I can use it. Points are used in the shopping website too. So if you have 10$ points, and item’s cost is 20$, you can only pay 10$ because you use points. My life is points life. 

There’re some risks to use credit card but it’s convenient and save money by the points. Find traits of each credit card and choose good one for you. 


I just finished a novel “Somebody” by Ryō Asai. This was very interesting and thought-provoking story. 

There are five university students and they are struggling to do job hunting. Nowadays, SNS is important tool for job hunters and Twitter caused friction among them. They looks like getting along with each other but actually they aren’t honest each other and some of them have secret Twitter account and tweet something in their mind. One of them, he keeps failing exams of companies and tweet others’ things. Another one of them, she finally know the his secret Twitter account and there’re a lot of opinions about rest of them and tell him about it. She tells him “I know why you keeps failing exams because you keeps observe people and you don’t make efforts. You can’t be somebody without effort. You’re just waiting for chance but it won’t never knock your door. Whatever people say or insult you, you have to do right things you believe in. ” And, their friendship goes downhill from there. She is right. If he has time judge people, he should what he does.

How easy to broke relashipship?I realized young people must be hard to keep good relashionship with people. SNS is convenient but tiny things might destroy your important things. So we need to be careful when we use it. Telling someone directly might be easier to tell someone directly than SNS because we automatically act acording to reason. This book tells me reality of SNS and younge people. In the book, they confuse if people does something Which isn’t tweeted. I believe people never tweet important things. We can’t wrap it up with only 140 letters. There must be important things except 140 letters. 


I love noodle and recently found my favorite ramen restaurant. 

Soup is based on chiken and it’s not so richly  flavored  soup but taste is like pork bone soup. I want to know how they make it. 


Torisoba is their basic main menu. Tori means “chiken ” and soba “buckwheat noodle” in Japanese. But this noodle is ramen. The brown one is fried onion. 


Torisoba with soy sauce and shrump

This soup is more like chicken soup + soy sauce. I didn’t feel shrimp though. I’d prefer to have basic Torisoba but tastes great. 


Dipping noodle

Ramen is not only with hot soup but there’s a ramen with cold soup. You can dip ramen in the soup. I love this style in the summer. 
If you have any chance to visit Osaka, please visit 座銀 (Zagin). There’re a lot of ramen restaurant in Japan too. Enjoy 😄