Yesterday’s dinner carbonara🍝. This is first shot for me. 

Looks delicious, doesn’t it?

Recepi for two people is here. 

•Spaghetti 200g 

• Cutted bacon whatever you want. 

•2 piece of chopped Garic 

•3 Yolks*

•1/2 cup Fresh cream*

•3 tablespoons of powder cheese*

1. Mix “*” all together. 

2. Boil spaghetti 2 mins shorter than usual. 

3. Fry bacon with Garic and Olive oil. 

4. Put boiled spaghetti in 3 and fry again. 

5. Mixed 4 and 1 and do not forget black papper when you serve. 

Please let me know if you have the better way to cook delicious carbonara. Seems like I  not good at cooking spaghetti. Thank you in advance 😄 


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