It’s hot but I love eat it😉

It was 37 degrees here yesterday. It was  way too hot but I loved to eat warm food in the air-conditioned room. 

Main dinner was meat stiffed cabbage. 


• Steamed Cabbage

•  250 g Minced meat

• One egg

• Breadcrumb 

• Fried minced onion

• One Canned whole tomato

• a cube of  consommé 

• 200 ml Fresh milk 

• Papper and salt 

1.Steam cabbage in the microwave oven. 

2. Mix minced meat and  fried minced onion, egg and breadcrumb. 

3. After #1 and #2, wrap #2 with steamed cabbages and attach it with a toothpick. 

4. After #3, stew meat stuffed cabbages  with a can of tomato, fresh milk and consommé on high heat till boil and after that, cook it on low heat for 40 mins. 

This time I used a half a head cabbage so I also used lettus to make sure wrapping it well. Look at the picture. The front side was lettuce and the back side was cabbage.  Taste was almost same. No worry😄👍


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