Not someone eles’s problem

One of my daily routine is reading news on the web. 

I found the following article about freezing egg which is related to my life and my situation. 

China egg freezing ban sparks massive debate online

This issue is still a controversial but as an woman and a person who is talking fertilization treatment, this is strange. 

Every woman is entitled to decide what to do and having a child is one of important and worth things to do.  It’s not easy to decide it and try it. It seems that law in China supports male speed donors, but they prevent  women from freezing eggs. This is just increasing options so they could be more generous about this issue. The more you older, the more it gives you difficult and hard time to get pregnant. The actress decision was so smart and wise.

Apple recomends freezing eggs as their benefit program. So time has changed. We can build career and choose right time to have a kid. Let’s have a hope and look at  a positive side. Who know I face it ?? I couldn’t say that if I didn’t take the treatment but it’s very hard to keep my mind motivated. I revealed my situation to my boss and my colleagues in my team and luckily they’re pretty supportive and it was good for me because I felt that taking balance among work,the treatment  and mental was difficult without thier help. 

Today I visited my genycology doctor. At last visit, my follicle  size wasn’t  good enough and he said we might not be able to do artificial semination due to construction for the hospital this month. However, today the size was perfect and we are working on artificial semination coming Friday in the morning . The construction will be starting Friday pm. I am very lucky 🎊 Thank my body🌹Cross your fingers, guys🎉


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